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PHB aka Pure Human Beat

11 Apr 2012


The Pure Human Beat “Music is my life and I live with the rhythms!”.

Founder and Member of "Plages Electroniques (Cannes/France)", President of "Panda06 production (Nice/France)" from 2006 till 2010, Director Artistic & Resident Dj in Cub "Blue" from 2010 to 2011.

Mr. Pure Human Beat is organizing many festivals and parties. The last 10 years in France have been busy with artists such as "Electronic Beach/Plages Electroniques" (Cannes/France), Skin's Party, Crossover, United Kingz, BCBG, PHB's Party since 10 years with Dj Hype, Boyz Noise, Bloody Beetroots, Miss Kittin, Jennifer Cardini, Freestylers, Laurent Garnier, Scratch Massive, Stanton Wariors, Mandy, Damian Lazarius, Crookers, Dj Marky...

… and of course many more to come!

For 8 years Human Beats have been turning the vinyl on the decks with the likes of Fresh, Ed Rush, Paul Kalkbrenner, Kiki, Andy C, Elisa Do Brasil, Miss Ficel, Missill, Flore, Aphrodite, Freddy, Bill Brewster, Stereoheros, Ma Public Thérapy, Maxime Iko, Nicolas Nucci, Spiky the machinist, Anakine, Science, Big Red, Mc Runtime, Mc Ragatek, Miss Trouble, Mc Metod, Mc Jaggae... It leaves mixing in Asia.

A very original musician, listening to Reggae, Jazz and Classical music.
Discovering electronic music and plunged into a world of endless mixing, making sounds, moods and checking the BPM.

PHB “When I began to work with electronic music and started the mixing, I leaned towards Drum n Bass. It’s my favorite style - the drum gives you the rhythm and the bass gives you the melody.”

“I believe there are good songs or tracks in all kind of music and the power is in developing it. It is amazing how it can develop trough time. When you create music I believe it is very important to keep moving and keep developing your music.”

”It is an endless world where everyday tunes creates and gives us amazing beautiful musical moments.”
“Always a new research for new tracks!!
“The music takes me to magical places, different from times to times. I feel like I’m in a Trance and all I want is to share the magic and the feeling with the people.”

“When I am mixing in the DJ boot, playing my music for the people, I connect to the music. I dance and gets as exited as the people in front of me. Everyone in Trance, bodies dancing uncontrolled”.


“I will transport you from one world to another with my mixes;  Electro/Minimal/Tekhouse/Break/Dubstep/Drum&Bass/Trance. Always under the influence of the PHB… The Pure Human Beat, The Rhythm of Life.”

“6 months before I arrived on Koh Phangan, I went for a visit here and discovered the special vibe you find around this island.”
“The People, The Nature, The Views, The Parties and of course The Music!”

“I decided then and there that Koh Phangan should be the place for me for next period of Life!”

Ban Sabaii, Anahata, Loi Lay (the floating bar), Paradise bungalow, Mellow Mountain and Sunrise club (in the Full moon party) and the Castle in Koh Tao is where I play mostly” Please come and join us for a Trance Dance!”


“I Hope and Dream of a chance to spread my music around the Island and to make the people Happy and inspired.”.