Soi Dog Foundation is looking for flight volunteers

7 Jul 2022

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One of Thailand's favourite charities, the Soi Dog Foundation, has launched a call for any foreign nationals from European and North American destinations that are leaving soon as potential flight volunteers to assist adopted pets to arrive at new overseas homes.

At the Phuket shelter, more than 100 adopted animals are currently waiting patiently to fly to new homes in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Yet, in reaction to Covid-19, worldwide travel restrictions and a shortage of flight volunteers moving in and out of Thailand compelled them to stay living in the shelter. The Mai Khao shelter is getting overcrowded, with adopted animals unable to leave but new animals in need of life-saving care arriving every day.

Five new dog runs have been built to accommodate the ever-increasing shelter population which currently stands at approximately 1,300. However, to make room for more homeless dogs and cats, rescued animals must depart the shelter at the earliest opportunity. So as to not incur freight prices, the only way they will fly at the moment is as extra baggage for a traveler - a project in which Soi Dog is well versed.

Simon Humphries, the international logistics Coordinator, says "Soi Dog arranges all of the logistics and is also in a place where they can partially assist with the cost. All you need to do is "accompany" the dogs or cats as your extra luggage.


"On your part, there is no job or expense. Imagine how satisfied you will feel when you see an adopted dog or cat meeting their new family thanks to your help!”

Please contact or call 098 701 1341 if you are planning to travel to Europe, the US, or Canada soon.