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DJ Nakadia a Thai Home Girl

6 Feb 2013

sramanora-waterfall-party-koh-phangan-4-feb-13 nakadia peter g boyonic bank djDJ Nakadia Thailand's Home Girl.

It was a "Right on The Beat" Kind of Night at Nakadia's Performence at the Sramanora Waterfall party last Monday.

When we enter the Party, raving on the Decks, is Sweetly waited and Lightly Punky DJ Nakadia..
Deep & Funky is she offering her musical Snacks out to the Crowd.
Electro Tech Deep House BeatMixed & BeatFixed through a Set of Delicious, Easy & on the Beat, Very Eatable & Ear Soothing Deep Dips of Harmonic Vibrations!
Thank you Miss, it was a “lekker” experience!

Sad to say, it was her last Phangan performance for this time for Nakadia.

You can still catch her though, on Koh Samui at The Re-Earth Festival on Feb. 22-23

If you liked what you heard and want to enjoy her Sweet Beats her again – You can follow her on her Europe Tour that she will begin in May.
So far she has plans for 52 gigs across Europe until late summer!!
Great Festivals and Very Nice Clubs will be included in her Touring.
This she is really looking forward to she tells Phanganist.

During the weekdays, she also has her studio work to attend to.
Her next EP will be out in April on Clarisse Records together with a Technasia Remix.

Most of her summer she will be spending on Ibiza, playing gigs and meeting all her DJ friends from around the world!

Thank you for making this interview with us! We are very happy to share your story here!
What is your connection to Koh Phangan?

sramanora-waterfall-party-koh-phangan-4-feb-13 dj nakadia

"I used to live on Koh Samui between 2003 and 2011, so Koh Phangan was always the cool neighbor.
Koh Samui was home and a very commercialized place and Koh Phangan was more like “real Thailand” for me.

For many years there was no place for me to play because the music on Koh Phangan was mainly Goa Trance.
I played the Backyard one time in 2008 and it was great.

Later I had regular nights at Ki Mao bar in Ban Thai.

In that time the music on Koh Phangan started to change more towards the Techy and Deep House side.
Today Koh Phangan is the place to be for music lovers and cool people from around the world. I
am not talking about the Full Moon party but about all these other great events around the island week by week.
My last gig around Koh Phangan was 2 weeks ago the H2O sunset boat party and it was really amazing!

Next will be probably my last Koh Phangan gig for this year."

Nakadia played at the Blue & Green Sramanora waterfall party on Monday (February 4).
She said before the party about it, that it will be her first time, but she heard many good things about the location, the music and the sound system, so she was really looking forward.

She told us that Koh Samui had been her home for 8 years and that she still have her house there now.
"It was just like coming home after 9 month. But I was there only for a few days.
In January I played 17 gigs around Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, New Caledonia and Bali so I was travelling most of the time."

"The island parties on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao have all been amazing!
I have to say that I am really surprised how many people understand cool music around Thailand – even on Phuket I had an amazing gig by just playing what I play."

Nakadia is currently living in Berlin. Since 2005 she has been coming and going there but in 2011 she made it her full time base.

sramanora-waterfall-party-koh-phangan-4-feb-13 nakadia dj

When we asked her what she think the best thing she has ever been invovled with or done her answer was Her Studio Work in Berlin.
"The guys I work with are such amazing artists.
Working with them makes me so happy and proud – I love these guys!" 

Last year they produced 10 single tracks and 3 remixes.
This year around they hope to pull same weight but since Nakadia will be traveling a lot more it is not certain yet. 

She also hope to create her first album production for the last 6 months of the year.

Tell us a bit about your current projects?

"Besides the studio projects I start working closer with Mendo (Cadenza).
I just joined his label and booking agency and we will do a lot of Label nights this year. The highlights will be our Label nights at Sankeys Ibiza this summer!
First date is June 27 at Sankeys, so join us if you are on Ibiza!"

She is a confident young Lady who doesn't believe in the competition between the genders. sramanora-waterfall-party-koh-phangan-4-feb-13 dj nakadia peter g empro marcus meainhart boyonic bank

"I don’t think there is a difference between man and girl as a DJ. It is about the music and the rest doesn’t matter!"
I, as a person likes to bring happiness to the scene. I see how all these Djs around me try to be so cool and one want to be more cool than the other.
I don’t join the competition. I just want to be myself and want to bring happiness to the dancefloor… and it is possible: Happyness and coolness at the same time!!"

She likes to listen to Deep House or Jazz when she relaxes but after a hard week of Sound. Jazz is one of her big favourites but eventhough  - she sometimes prefer the Silence.
A quiet world with no Music and No Noise. The best way for Nakadia to relax after so many hours of loud surroundings all week.

She gets her inspiration from all her travels and jobs around the world.She brings a little recoreder with her all the time so she can record sounds that she would like to use in the studio.

sramanora-waterfall-party-koh-phangan-4-feb-13 dj nakadia "I love Koh Phangan. It is such a beautiful place and especially the people that come to Koh Phangan: very cool (again – not talking about FMP!)
When I went around the island with the boat party, I saw some amazing beautiful places from the water!
Next year I really want to spend some more time on Koh Phangan."

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"Difficult question. I will sure come come back to Koh Phangan in 10 years. I just don’t know if I will still DJ. I hope so.
But who knows… I let things happen and don’t expect too much."

Nakadia has a secret. And she wont share it.

Just that something is developing right now that will change her life!
If is becomes true her life will not be the same as now in the next years!
It is a Wish of hers through 10 years now, so it will be like a Fairy Tale if it really happens! In the next few week she will know if her Dream comes True. Thats all we can get out of her. She cannot talk about that right now is her comment on that!

We tried with Tricks & Sneakiness to get around the question> If you were a Magician which Dreams would you fulfill right now?

But with no Luck. We did not get this one to talk! She merely replied: "The one I just mentioned – but it stays a secret"sramanora-waterfall-party-koh-phangan-4-feb-13 dj nakadia

The biggest No-No in Nakadia's life. The one she cannot kick full but know she should is playing stupid games on her iPhone in bed when she should be sleeping instead.

With this information we added that if she were her own mother what would she tell herself then?
To that she said; "Slow down a bit! - Actually, she is saying that, but I don’t want to listen. I have to do things now, otherwise I will be too old to do them."

On a Lucky Day with the Wind Right and adventure before Hand, she wouldn't mind to be able to fly like Superman.
She does think though, that this is the strangest question anyone ever asked her.
Welcome to Phangan. We are sure it is just the begining <3

Rounding up this interview Nakadia say:
"If you like to check out my music, please have a look at my links and follow me if you like:"

Club videos from around the world:

Final words from Nakadia in this interview is "Thank you Koh Phangan for so many great memories and hosting the best parties in South East Asia.."





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