DJ Kuma underground sounds

12 Feb 2021

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DJ Kuma
DJ Kuma
's interest in music started at a very young age. At the age of 14 he began experimenting with cassette tapes making compilations and dub tapes for his friends and classmates.

As his passion for music grew stronger he began to hang out at the local clubs watching DJ's perform.

That influenced him even more and he started learning how to DJ from a close friend who was a resident DJ at a established club in 1996,having the advantage of excess to the clubs record collections he began experimenting dance music and fell in love with the sounds of Electronic Dance Music and began exploring more into the House Music scene and playing regularly as guest DJ at the Dance Cafe which later lead to becoming a resident for clubs such as Absolute Chemistry, Voyour, Qbar, Emporium, Nouvo and Warehouse. Being involved in the dance music revolution in Kuala Lumpur gave him the chance to DJ at venues like TUBE, BarCode, Atmosphere, Zouk and the list goes on.

As his fans grew bigger, his music traveled further playing his signature Underground Trendy Sounds on dance floors a cross south east Asian super clubs such as EMBASSY in Phillipines, Sound Club in Thailand and festivals such as Full Moon parties on the beach of Hadrin in Koh Pangan.  Read more..

Hi Vimal, thank you for making this interview.
When did you first arrive to Koh Phangan and how was it for you?

I came for the first time to Koh Phangan many years ago with my girlfriend. We came to experience the Full Moon party among others. I was introduced to Phangan by a good friend and incredible DJ from Kuala Lumpur. At that time he was a  monthly resident at Warm-up Bar and played many gigs at the beach or in different venues. His name is Kevin Es. You might know him as the Creator of the KL Phangan Connection.

DJ KumaThe very first time I hit the beach of Haad Rin at a Full Moon Party I was amazed by the people and how crazy the party really was or is. There is nothing like this in the whole world! People came from all over the world just for this one reason. The Full Moon Party! They all came to party at the Beach in Absolute Freedom from dusk to dawn. I told myself that this is the kind of party I would like to play at!
I told Kevin my plan and that’s how it all started!

You can find all types of Genre’s at the Full Moon Party. From Psy Trance to Drum n’ Bass and from Commercial to Big Room Trance. There is something for everybody to enjoy regardless of age and nationality.

Which venues are you favorite at the Full Moon Party?
My favorite venue on the beach at the Full Moon is Mountain Bar.
At this bar you have an amazing view of the Full Moon at nighttime. It’s a really good venue for Quality House Music and many Phangan Residents and visiting guests (lots of happy people with happy shakes) will come to enjoy this bar.
I also really like Paradise. This is where the best Djs on the island play!
It is a Nice venue and they have the best sound system..
I played at Paradise 2 times and yea.. it’s a good place to play!

DJ Kuma at Loi Lay party Koh Phangan

How long do you plan to stay on the Island?
This stay is the longest, usually I only stay 1 day or 2 but this time I have a few parties to play + I'm on break for 3 weeks at KL..its good to play out side the city at refresh yourself and your set..

I usually only stay a day or 2 on Phangan but this time I am booked for a few parties in a row. I am also on a 3 week break from my normal job in KL so I have the time. It is good to play outside the City at times, to refresh yourself and your set!

Where did you have gigs on Phangan?
I have been playing in venues like Mellow Mountain Bar, ParadiseBackyard and recently Jungle Experience and Loi Lay.

How was your Jungle Experience?
I had a really good time at the Jungle Experience and I enjoyed playing.
They had an early crowd and already by 12am it was a good dancefloor. I had it going already..
Good people partying and Grooving to the Beats!
The venue is just a huge WoW factor.. !
For me its one of the best open air venues in south east Asia.. !
They have a good thing going on here and their team is getting more professional. The Jungle Experience is in comparison to European standards now. Sweet Drinks and Cool service (Cool Drinks & Sweet Service?) with a cool owner - of course.

DJ KUma at Loi lay party Koh Phangan..and at the Loi lay?
The Loi Lay Floating Bar Party was my first time so I had no idea what to expect. Surely when I reached the venue I was impressed!
Imagine a huge platform – like a raft – that fits around 200 people. Bar and Dancefloor and with a nice sound system!  They will play Deep House and Tech House to House House to Progressive, all depending on which DJ is at the decks.
It is a perfect venue for the day after the Full Moon Party. “You cant walk on water but you can dance on it”
It is a MUST VISIT venue along with the Fisherman restaurant just before the Floating Bar ;)

You are now the 2end DJ to arrive lately on Koh Phangan to play - after Khaidir DJK - who Dj’ed here at the Backyard about a month ago.
Tell us more about the KL-KP connection..

This connection have existed many years.
In the beginning it was very small as everything is when you begin but now over the years, more DJs have been introduced and it is getting bigger.

DJ Kuma The connection is a Team of friends and established Djs who know each other from before. We have mutual respect for each other either as friends or artistically as Djs and have an understanding for music than we want to share. We want to play and share the importance of the idea of music!

How is the Kuala Lumpur music and club scene looking these days?
There are many entertainment areas in KL and there are surely plenty of Bars and Clubs!
90% of the Clubs and Bars are mainly commercial and are playing radio music but anyway it brings good life to the city when lots of people are going out every night to party!

The rest of the 10% have a few nights of EDM related now.
Then we have Zouk which has guest artists at least 2 times a month and there is "Quinte" where I play 4 nights a week..
Quinte is a pure Underground House music Club. It was designed and built by DJs who needed a place to play ONLY Underground House music.

DJ KumaWe open at 1am and we close at 7 or 8am..
Once I played till noon.. though 
It’s a really good party! People just come to Quinte for 2 reasons only; The DJ and the Music!!
I'm proud to be one of the Creators of this thing that we have going on now in "Quinte" !!
We have a huge tight sound system there which makes your music sound good especially when you play it all on wave!

Underground House music in KL has been alive for very long!
As long as I can remember people have said that Underground is coming back..
I say wrong! Underground music never left!
It was always here..
It was the people who forgot about it.. because they kept listening to the shitty music on the radio and mtv..

What projects are you busy with now and what will be in the near future?
I have 1 more party to play at the Mighty Sound Club tonight at 4am in the VIP Room..

After that I'm returning to KL for a few weeks before going to Ibiza to play in a few Club parties and Boat parties there.

DJ Kuma at Loi Lay party Koh Phangan

What can I say...  I love working! I have the best job in the world!

I want to say thanks to all my friends, promoters, media, djs, owners and everybody else (you all know who you are..)
Thanks you so much again for having me..

See you all soon again in a few months time.




2014 update:

Check here for interviews made after this. Vimal Kuma's many returns to Phangan and the KL connection continues!

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