DJ ITAL The Sound Engineer from Chile

12 Feb 2021

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black moon culture ital dj phangan partySound Engineer, Music Producer, Label Manager of Antu Records Chile and a DJ - in One!

Ital is a Musician from Chile. 

He has been arund the musical world for more than 14 years now. He started his music carrier as a guitar player.
The guitar wasn't enough though and he went through several styles of popular music, until he finally arrived at his true passion: Psychedelic Trance music.

Three years later, in 2004, he decided to create his own project, “Ital” . This means in Patois African dialect "Purity".
As Ital, he promoted himself on different scenes of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

In conjuction with his name, each of his productions has this fundamental concept.
The idea of the expansion of all the purity that surrounds us, being chanalized through his music.
The Divine and universal energy that surrounds us, is intented to be a part of his music projected like sound waves towards our surrounding universe.

Since september 2007 he created and began the first Psytrance Chilean label denominate: Antu Records which name comes from the indigenous Chilean language that means "Sun".

The purpose and intention is to expand the light and divine energy all over the world through the psytrance music, to connect our selves with our roots and feel our hearts full of spiritual healing.

With 10 years of musical experience and experimentation, Ital has been presented at the most important events of his country (Chile) and also in some of the great recognized Festivals world-wide like:
Boom Festival (Portugal), Universo Paralello Festival (Brazil), Nagisa Music Festival (Japan), Fusion Festival (Germany),
Lollapalooza Festival (Chile), Vuuv Festival (Germany), The Experience Festival (Thailand), Vortex Festival (South Africa),
Summer Never Ends Festival (Switzerland), Fullmoon Festival (Germany), Aurora Festival (Greece), Solstice Festival (Netherlands),  Hilltop (India), Spirit Base Festival (Austria), Paradise Festival (Austria), Waveform Festival (England), Respect Festival (Brazil), Eden Festival (Scotland), 303 Art Festival (Brazil), Earthdance (Chile), Flor de luna (Argentina), Tranceformation (Brazil),Trancendence (Brazil), Fora do tempo (Brazil), Monte Mapu Festival (Chile),
Soul Vision Festival (Brazil), Samsara Festival (Brazil), Amazontribe (Brazil), among others...

He has by now released 4 albums and are also doing a parallel project called AHO. The same ones who released his first album.
Aho - Ancient Tribes, this time bringing really new and fresh sound from Progressive Psy.

Dani was performing in Japan, Germany, Portugal, England, Brazil, Switzerland, Rusia, France, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Scotland, Thailand, India, Usa, South Africa, Greece, Sweden, Holland, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador.

Thank you Ital for making this interview with Phanganist.
We appriziate your music and are happy to share your story with our audience!
Please tell us your Koh Phangan story?

"Well, Koh Phangan is a surely a special place that we really Love and feel at home at.

We also have a good connection with a Thai family here and we have many friends around the island.
It is more than an amazing place to meet new friends! So many nice people around here. This is a magic island for sure!!"ital dani dj shiva moon party phangan

What is your connection to Black Moon Culture?

"We have always been connected with our Moon.
She guides us in the night  as the Sun guides us during the day in this time in this process of life.

For me, Blackmoon Culture is the best Psytrance party that you can find on Phangan.

It is a special night to celebrate with family and friends.
A great night of dancing on the amazing beach at The Mac Bay resort. where Black Moon is kicking of once a month."

He played already on Phangan in the after party of The Experience Festival at Ban sabaiiBlackmoon culture and at The Shiva Moon this season in January.

On The Experience Festival he sendt the crowd into a New Year Trance with his final set.

"I hope one day also to be invited to participate at Halfmoon Festival, this would also be really great!
The next party on Phangan will be an Antu Records Label Party in Ban Sabaii this 19th January for Halfmoon festival after party."

The best things in Dani's Life is Art and Music!
"I like all kinds of healing for the soul! I love My family and friends! What else can anyone want in life?

For Phangan I brought lots of new music made by Ital.
Also some  from my new project with my friend Pedrao from Brasil called The Big Bang Live, that we will release in april 2013 when I will be back in South America.
I also brought from tracks from friends from Vagalume, Nano, Alchemy, Grasshopper, 24/7 and many other labels for sure."

Dani can chillout with a bit of Reggae!
Otherwise it can be all kinds of Chillout and relaxing music.
Indian and worldmusic from all over there world. He enjoys to chill with relaxing sounds when at home or travelling and use this as a good inspirations source too.

"I get most of my inspiration from my family, my love Coni, friends, my home in the mountains and the most important thing; our nature that surround us !
Of course to travel around the world is a big influence of the substance that what we can chanalize through the Art."

moon tribe ital dani dj shiva moon phangan party black moon
Dani feel that this is a Magic Island, more than perfect for everybody and he really feel at home when he arrive here!!

One of his favorties place is Ban Sabaii.

Many projects for this year 2013!
A new album called Taita Inti, will be released in my label Antu records on the 21th January, JUST OUT NOW!

"I am really happy and looking forward for this new release for the world and people!!"  

The new project; The Big Bang Live (Ital+DJ Pedrao from Brazil)  will be released on april 2013, doing our Tour in Brazil around that month.

Dani was playing on the 19th January at Ban Sabaii and he will be performing again on the 30th at Bluemoon experience in Koh Tao.

Then he is off to Japan for 2-3 gigs in Tokyo, Shizuoka and maybe also Osaka.  
After this he returns to Thailand for an India and Nepal tour from February to march.

Back home in South America he have jobs waiting for him in Brasil and from the end of June untill August he will BeatBoogie Europe for the european summer festivals and parties!

Phanganist asked Dani if he thought to come back to Phangan and play for us again?dani dj ital ban sabaii phangan party His answer to this was: "For sure!! It will always be a big pleasure to be back and meet our Thai family and friends around on this magic island."

If he had the chance to be his own mother for a second, which we gave him ofcourse, he would remind himself/herself to be proud of her son!
Which Mama would not? We believe he have enough success for any Mother to be proud. !! Good Luck further and Many kissed to your Mam Dani!!

Dani believes in the connection with our Mother Nature!
A philosophy of expanding the Energies and Love that surround us through the universe and chanalize the energy by the Art of Music in order to share it with the people around this world.

Check out his videos : (Brasil) (portugal) (japan) (rusia) (mexico)



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