Blackmoon Culture

12 Feb 2021

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The Blackmoon Culture party happens once a month the night the moon is dark and CANNOT be seen, about 2 weeks after the Full Moon Festival.


The party takes place in Baan Tai beach which is about 10 minutes drive by a taxi or motorbike from Haad Rin. The Black moon party area is located about 10 minutes walking distance from Baan Tai Seven Eleven.

Psy-trance music is played at the party with International DJs, foreigners and Thais. The Psychedelic decorations and the atmosphere complete the psychedelic energy that surrounds you.

This is a Full On party. Hardcore Psy-Trance is bursting out of the big speakers starting 10pm and continues to early morning.
The Blackmoon culture is the only Moon party taking place on the beach beside the Full Moon, but different from the Full Moon in being 1 big party instead of many small parties.

The dance floor is right on the beach no more than 10 meters from the waterline.
Beside the UV deco you have the whole night sky above the sea to enjoy all night for your entertainment - and under Black Moon there is no moon light to hide the full star sky! Beautiful! And if you’ll succeed to hold on party all night long you will also observe the memorizing sunrise of Baan Tai beach.  

There is of course a big bar for beer and cocktails and you will find around the party a variety of BBQs and snacks!

Please consider to use the taxi services instead of your rented bike!

Blackmoon Culture party schedule


Blackmoon Culture June 2012 Movie


The video were taken at the event of June 2012. 

DJ Line Up

  • DJ Leung (Phangan Rec. - TH)
  • DJ Aka (Ban Sabaii - TH)
  • DJ Oracle (Bay Lounge - KR)
  • DJ Moontribe (Antu Rec. - MT)
  • Ping (Halfmoon Festival - TH).

Some of them are also shown at the clip.


Blackmoon DJs guest book

Jo Moontribe shivamoon resident Dj
Jo Moontribe - Resident

Dj Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor
DJ apnea on blackmoon culture party
DJ Apnea
DJane Kimie on Koh Phangan
DJane Kimie  


Blackmoon Culture location map