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jungle experience party phangan electro tech house deep marco baileyAre you Jungle Experienced?

If not - tonight will be your next chance for a Sweet Jungle Experience!

Even if you feel confident enough to claim that you ARE Jungle Experienced, tonight’s Experience will be Out-Experiencing all your Previous Experiences!

Last Thursday was a sweet big warm-up for one of the finest Line-ups tonight that you can imagine!

Dj's Rob, Pablo, INlighten, J'adele and Dan Buri were on the decks before this weekend and created, as always when the Resident Dj’s are present, a sweet atmosphere with lots of harmonically tuned & wicked Tech house beats for an always full dance floor.

J'adele and Dan Buri are a very welcome guest DJ team anytime!

Pablo & Rob were teaming up in a old friends Techno Boogie for the Audience.
Phangan's Boys shaking the leafs on the Jungle trees in their homeBoyz Duo on the Decks!

jungle-experience-party-koh-phangan-21-feb-13 rob gritton and pablo escobud
Tonight the Jungle Experience crew is presenting a great Line-up of Island Residents and Guests that have been Rocking us along the season in different venues on the Island.

This night everyone are gathered around the same set of Jungle Decks to continue the Electro-CUTEness!

Marco Bailey will kick of the evening followed by the super sweet team of DJs that the Jungle chose to connect for this Phangan Groovy night!

The decks is gonna be glowing from skilled hands who knows & Love the Phangan Vibe from many previous parties here and will for sure already be tuned into an Automatically Picked-up & Nourished Phangan Groove!

Darragh, Peter G and Lady Oh, Phangan's loyal friends and DJs, together with Marco the Loco, The sweet & funky Team Marcus Meinhart & Empro and the Belgium DJ Skunky!
Together they will create an evening & night full of ear crisp & candy accompanied with the Jungle Deco & Vibe!!

For a pre-taste of this evenings tunes and beats, allow yourself to sink into this Mix from Marco Bailey:

The Carnival continues with Dancers & Painters. Visuals on Musical Experiences through the Jungle Veins and into yours!

Are you Jungle Experienced or are you going to be?


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