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DJadele Sassy Tech House Princess

2 Jan

Dj jadele phangan party loi layA new Talent for a new Decade.

This Tech House Princess is emerging from the ashes of a Pop girl past of girl groups into a future of Tech House, Deep House, Techno & Progressive beats which sounds totally fresh.

DJ, Songwriter, Vocalist and Producer and singing own lyrics on her tracks. Deep, soulful, edgy vocals. Jadele is determined to bring a sassy vocal and DJ touch to the music she loves and began producing tracks featuring her amazing voice in 2011.

These were quickly picked up by super cool labels Celestial Recordings and Defected/Lo:Rise and received critical acclaim from DJs such as Jim Shaft Ryan, Stonebridge, Richard Dinsdale, Andi Durrant, and Paul van Dyk.

Her skill on the decks has taken her last year from her regular slots in Ministry of Sound, Pacha and Egg in London to shows internationally in Japan, Ibiza, Thailand, Bahrain, Italy and India and lead to being crowned Winner of the 2012 "Made In Shoreditch" DJ Competition at XOYO London.

Whilst also playing alongside Lee Burridge, Dubfire, Yousef, Felix Da Housecat, Todd Terry, Nick Warren, she has a rapidly growing fan base for her sublime mixes featured regularly on Germanys massively popular Techno radio station,, Proton Radio and Insomnia FM, with a base of 1000s of fans and listeners.

Thank you for coming to play for us here on Phangan. We have been enjoying your Boogies in both Loi Lay and Jungle jadele dj phangan party loi layand now we are happy to share your story on Phanganist.

We hope you enjoyed your time here as well and that it will not be the last time we see and hear from you!

Please tell us your Koh Phangan story?
I was simply going some networking and discovered that one of the other producers/djs who has worked with Celestial Recordings (the label im with) played at Loi Lay Floating Bar and I checked out the venue and wrote to Amanda O'Neill (the owner) to introduce myself.
Everything else fell into place from there really.

You are a woman of many talents. You are a vocalist and songwriter as well as a DJane and you produce your own music. What is the best thing you ever been involved with or done?
Working with top German producer Alex Flatner collaborating on an ep for Defected which is a great label and one of the oldest, biggest house music labels. Also getting to the final of Popstars many many years ago!

How did it all begin? How did you end up here with what you are today?
It began when I was a little girl listening to Whitney Houston singing my heart out!
Then I began to write pop songs in a girl group.
My ex-partner had turntables in the house so I learned how to mix and played at small venues in London.
As soon as I got Ableton Live Software on my Mac I started producing as well. Today it is all Kicking Off!! 

She classifies her music as Melancholy, catchy, soulful, groovy... Deep House, Techno... and to the question of what she feels that she can bring to the scene as a Djane, she answers, as the Groovie sister she is:
A sassy female touch!!
jadele dj phangan party loi layFor unwinding and relaxing she prefers to listen to Ambient Electronica, Trip-Hop, Moby, a Royksopp kind of vibe. .

Next year will be a Tour of European cities to promote *Defected release* and the collaboration project with Alex Flatner for *Get Physical*.
Jadele is not leaving us yet though. She will be here most of january to boogie her beats for the island people. 

darregh casey jadele dj phangan party loi layjadele dj phangan partyJungle Experience and Loi Lay already had the pleasure of having her on the decks!
A Sweet Loi Lay night - Rocking along side with our own Darregh for Happy performance and Electro Tech Yummies!

- and at the colourful Jungle Experince - writing Jungle Fairytales in the air with tones in tune of Freaky JungleBeats! 

On 7th jan. she will perform at The Caste on Koh Tao.
From there she continues to Samui to play on the Bar Solo on Jan. 11th.
She will be back on Phangan for the 25th and Celestial Recordings - Full Moon and from then going on to march she will be around South-East Asia.
Then it must be back to Europe for the promotion Tour.

Do you still see yourself playing on Phangan in 10 years from now?
If not here, where do you see yourself then?

I see myself happily secure doing what makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled whilst also making all my listeners happy and fulfilled!!!
Having travelled to wonderful places performing in front of wonderful crowds!

Life philosophy of Jadele - with and without SuperPowers ;o) :
Super Power OFF: Do what makes you happy and treat others as you would like to be treated!
Super Power ON : To remove all pain and suffering immediately from every living being.


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