Use Your Next Thai Visa Run to Go on a Yoga Retreat in Bali

18 Feb 2023

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Bali is a magical island where practicing yoga will transport you to a mental state, unlike anything you've ever experienced. Its breathtaking scenery, with sandy beaches surrounded by magnificent mountains covered in lush vegetation, makes it easy to maintain the inner peace necessary to advance your yoga skills to the next level. So, it's no surprise that hundreds of yoga retreats are available on this little Indonesian island. So, why not go to one next time you have to do a Thai visa run?


Why Are There So Many Yoga Retreats in Bali?

The island has always had a spiritual tradition. Bali's culture is mainly Hindu in contrast to the country's overall Muslim majority. There is no inherent superiority between faiths, but yoga's connections to Hinduism have contributed to Bali's unique yoga culture and made the island an ideal location for yoga retreats and teacher training programs.

The Hinduism of Bali is a unique synthesis of Shivaism and Buddhism, with its distinct pantheon of deities. Many have to do with the island's mountains and lakes, giving the island's religious celebrations and temples a genuinely singular character.

Over 10,000 temples, shrines, and pilgrimage sites are rumored to be spread across the island's various regions. They are beautiful on the outside and calm and quiet within, except when there's a festival, and it becomes a stage for cultural performances like a traditional dance. So if you have the luxury, give yourself a few extra days before or after your retreat to visit these landmarks during your visa run.


Recommended Yoga Retreats to do on a Visa Run Trip

You can extend your next Thai visa run by a few days or weeks, depending if you want to make it a mini vacation or an extended getaway. With that in mind, we've rounded up a few Bali yoga retreat recommendations to suit varying degrees of visa run extension. You can pick a fantastic program from the list below if you plan to leave Thailand for only a week or two or if you want to stay in Bali for longer to thoroughly soak in its essence before returning to Thailand.


Experience Balinese Culture through Meditation and Yoga

Duration: 4 days

Location: Bali Garden Retreats, Sesandan, Megati, Selemadeg Timur, Tabanan, Bali


You are warmly welcomed as a special guest at Bali Garden Retreats. They provide a magnificent ambiance. The area is characterized by its proximity to stunning mountains and abundance of Balinese-style buildings.

Get away from it all and spend some time at Bali Garden Retreat, where you can unwind, have fun, and recharge. Yoga, pranayama, meditation, ceremonies, and heartfelt self-care will provide you with ecstasy, calm, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Envision yourself waking up each day to the vivacity and vitality of tropical nature, participating in a rejuvenating yoga and meditation practice, and then feasting on a homemade breakfast while gazing out at a beautiful garden. This is what going on this yoga retreat is like.

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Wellness Detox, Emotional Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, & Sound Healing Retreat

Duration: 8 days

Location: Dream Hill, Jl. Kamboja, Kaliasem, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152, Indonesia


After attending this retreat, you can expect to feel refreshed in your body and mind. You'll undergo various energetic transformations daily, from digesting food to absorbing information to experiencing feelings and emotions. As a result, we can quickly adapt to changing circumstances with a steady and unobstructed flow of information.

The problem is that we store too much information, and not enough is used. As a result, ashes from our metabolism and discarded feelings weigh us down. You will feel lighter and invigorated after attending this retreat because of its emphasis on restoring harmony to one's physical and mental energies and letting go of emotional baggage.

Everyone (any age, gender, or physical condition) is welcome to attend this retreat, as they will tailor their activities to suit the needs of each participant individually. Participate for whatever reason speaks to you, be it physical health, emotional well-being, overcoming obstacles, discovering latent talents, or connecting with your soul.

Finding bliss in life is as simple as extending your next Thai visa run into a vacation to Bali, where you can indulge in severe yoga, therapeutic spa treatments, and unforgettable sightseeing adventures. This program aims to help you unwind, shake off your depression, push past your limitations, and release any blocks to your natural energy flow.

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Self-Awareness Wellness Retreat including Aroma Psychology, Sound Healing, Leela Game, and Numerology

Duration: 23 days

Location: Santhika Dream Hill Retreat Center, Jl. Kamboja, Kaliasem, Banjar, Buleleng, Bali, 81152


This one-of-a-kind retreat will help you alter your frame of mind and kickstart your body's natural healing mechanisms through a regimen of yoga, meditation, aroma psychology, ancient sound healing,  awareness games, and numerology.

Our physical well-being and mental and emotional states are being challenged by the profound changes currently taking place in our world. As a result, you've likely been tense, hostile, uncertain, and clinging to the past for quite some time.

Now is the time to make some changes in your life. Join this program if you want to spend three weeks on Bali Island, a place known for its healing energy, conducting in-depth self-exploration, and practicing profoundly transformative techniques.

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