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What’s fun for vegetarians and vegans on Koh Phangan!

13 Apr 2019

Most of us know Koh Phangan as a party island - full of alcohol, music and madness every day.

The island itself is filled with places that teach yoga of all kinds, the Vipassana monastery, yoga and diet retreats (diet programs that cleanse the body of unnecessary toxins), and more.

This side of the island brought with it many vegetarians and vegans to the island, and with them opened many restaurants that supply vegetarian food - whether in vegan restaurants altogether, to the fact that almost every restaurant on the island will give you a vegan or vegetarian option without any

So as 3 vegetarian women who love to eat and always make sure to get to the good places, we have compiled a list of vegetarian / vegan restaurants, or have good options for vegetarians and vegans:

Nira's Home Bakery
In our opinion, the best coffee in Koh Phangan without a doubt. Of course they also have soy milk for morning coffee.

Beyond the fact that they have a full cabinet of pastries and cakes, the majority of which are vegetarian, they also take vegan sweets, vegan chocolate, vegan cookies and vegan ice cream.

In the dining area they have a fairly large breakfast menu, with a note below indicating that each dish you choose can become a vegetarian - and their charming staff will be happy to help. Beyond that they have vegetarian or vegan dishes. One of our favorite places.


An amazingly vegan coffee shop, which has the honor to serve healthy, large and tasty dishes to its customers.

Pancakes, salads, vegan cheese from nuts, hummus, special smoothies and smoothie-bowls that will leave you gaping.

Highly recommend taking the AVO TOAST, home-made toast, avocado and vegan cheese.

The canteen

A charming little cafe run by two kind women.

The place itself is not vegetarian or vegan, but it serves such dishes in abundance.

The cafe has cool, tasty shakes that can help a little hangover from yesterday. (Look for Healthy Helpers in the Shakes menu.)

The Fat Cat coffee & more

A small coffee shop run by a Portuguese couple, but not vegetarian either, but there is no doubt that vegans or vegetarians will also find suitable dishes there.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and pleasant, and there is a cat that will stroke you on foot while you eat.

For the vegetarians we recommend taking the pancakes with the banana. Do not regret it.

Just a warning - in a cafe there is no air conditioner, do not arrive during the hot hours.

Bubba's Coffee Bar

Excellent coffee shop for breakfast. It is more expensive than the average prices for breakfast on the island, but totally worth it. There are also swimwear and dresses available for sale in the cafe.

Pure Vegan Heaven
One of the best vegetarian restaurants on Koh Phangan Island.

Lovely garden, friendly staff and delicious food.

The place itself offers plenty of vegan food for sushi, pasta, vegetarian burger, and Buddha-bolz (large bowls filled with various kinds of vegetables, some catania and over sauce).

Healthy food lovers will enjoy the restaurant. Highly recommend the Falafel Bowl.

Green gallery

Another vegan restaurant. The place is owned and managed by 2 Israeli girls.

The restaurant is a Mediterranean restaurant that also regrets the value of health.

You can have hummus, falafel, pita and interesting desserts like chia pudding in the restaurant.

The hummus is definitely tasty and recommended.

Karma Kafe

Vegetarian-vegan restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere.

A large, open space with low tables, pillows and mattresses for sitting on the floor.

The portions are large and the staff very professional.

Watch out for the Snickers' Snack! It is addictive.

Hope we've been able to help with the recommendations, and never compromise on the food you're in Koh Phangan!