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Bangkok is expected to lose an enormous amount of tourists

14 Sep 2020

According to the global forecasting firm Oxford Economics, Bangkok is expected to lose the most enormous amount of tourists in the world among the major cities during the present time of international travel restrictions in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company's new forecast shows that demand for foreign travel to Bangkok will drop dramatically by the end of this year by 57 percent vs. last year due to tight foreign travel restrictions and quarantines to deter Covid-19 from spreading. While not expected to be the highest percentage number, this figure is projected to be expressed in the maximum overall number of visitors missing.

According to the study, the market will not hit its previous level of 2019 until 2024, unquestionably representing the global economic crisis triggered by the pandemic and diminishing confidence in foreign tourists as well as the economic effects on both tourism and leisure industries.

Significant cities across the world will be most impacted, and according to studies, Bangkok will be struck hardest. Thailand's capital is projected to lose around 14.5 million incoming international visitors, deemed tyhe most immense amount of tourists missing among all big cities in the world and almost two-thirds of all Thailand's tourism losses. Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok are also among the world's top twenty most visited cities, and all are likely to experience significant harm from Covid-19.

Meanwhile, all tourist cities in the United States, such as New York, are predicted to lose a large number of visitors, where visitors will fall by 79 percent. North American cities will see a substantial 70 percent decrease, accompanied by a 57 percent fall in Asia-Pacific towns and a 56 percent fall in Europe.

Although demand for foreign tourism is still weak due to the pandemic, one positive projected in the study is that, instead, domestic tourism would rise in all countries among citizens. It is projected to return to its 2019 level within 2022, according to the Oxford Economics report.

Source: Pattaya News