Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga) Retreats in Phuket are Excellent for Your Health

9 Feb 2023

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Yoga calms the mind, draws attention to the breath, and integrates it with physical activity. Some yoga studios provide a heated room for a more challenging practice. Hot yoga is more strenuous than regular yoga due to the heat, but the positive effects on your health are worth it. You leave class feeling like a new person.

When you're in a hot room, it's like being in a sauna; it helps you focus on the here and now and relieves tension. As a result, strength and flexibility can be enhanced, just as with regular yoga but more. In addition, the heat makes it more challenging for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which is very good for boosting your fitness to new heights. 


Contrasting Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga

There is a common misconception that hot yoga and Bikram yoga are the same. 

Bikram yoga is characterized by a sequence of 26 postures practised throughout a 90-minute session. The classroom temperature is set at 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), and students are expected to maintain a more subdued atmosphere by refraining from noisemakers like music and chanting during class.

Authentic Bikram yoga is a disciplined practice, requiring the 26 postures to be executed in conjunction with two breathing exercises within 90 minutes. During this time, the body is stretched, detoxified, stress reduced, muscle tone is increased, and chronic pain such as arthritis, joint aches, knee injuries, back problems, and more is alleviated.

Hot yoga generally refers to a practice in which the room temperature is increased to between 80 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (26 to 38 degrees Celsius). To that purpose, the studio and teacher have some leeway in choosing which positions to use. In addition, hot yoga, unlike Bikram, can, and often does, incorporate music.


Health Benefits of Bikram and Hot Yoga

Yoga in a hot room is excellent for overall health. Here are a few benefits of practising this more intense yoga style regularly. 


Boosts Flexibility

Hot yoga increases joint mobility and muscular flexibility by stretching warm muscles. Bikram yoga participants exhibited better shoulder, lower back, and hamstring flexibility than those participating in non-hot yoga classes. This yoga also develops your muscles faster; for example, individuals who regularly practice Bikram will be able to deadlift more.


Burns More Calories

A yoga class can burn 180–460 calories depending on effort, time, and weight. According to Colorado State University researchers, hot yoga practitioners ranked highest: In a 90-minute lesson, women burnt 330 calories and males 460. In a hot studio, you sweat more, and your heart has to pump more blood to regulate your temperature. That burns more calories than a typical yoga lesson without heat.


Increases Lung Capacity

Yoga improves lung capacity by focusing on breathing and mindfulness. Regular, deep breaths boost oxygen intake, lung health, and lung capacity, which decreases with ageing. Pranayama, a yoga breathing exercise, involves controlling your breath for a set duration. Abdominal, thoracic, and clavicular breathing improves oxygen intake.


Improves Heart Health

Hot workouts are challenging. Your heart, lungs, and muscles work harder, increasing respiration, heart rate, and metabolism. Hot yoga works your heart like a quick walk (3.5 mph).


Strengthens Bones

Ageing reduces bone density. Menopause causes bone loss of up to 50%, half of which occurs in the first ten years. However, a May 2014 Scientific Research study found that premenopausal Bikram yoga practitioners had higher hip, lower back, and neck bone density after five years. In addition, a hot environment improves circulation, breathing, and perspiration, reducing osteoporosis in women.


Regulates Blood Glucose

A study found that yoga helps type 2 diabetics control blood sugar. Even an eight-week Bikram yoga routine increased glucose tolerance in obese older people.


Improves Skin Appearance

Sweating boosts circulation and oxygenates skin cells, giving you a glow after yoga. Exercise-induced sweating reverses cellular ageing. Collagen production, hydration, and sagging improve.


Reduces Depression  

Yoga and meditation lessen depressive symptoms. For example, a study involving an eight-week Bikram yoga course reduced depression symptoms in middle-aged women, including self-judgment, pessimism, low quality of life, and cognitive function.


Reduces Stress

Yoga fosters introspection and awareness of stressors. Regular practice will show you how breathing methods, silence, and room-warming soothe your body and mind. A single 90-minute hot yoga session can relieve mood and stress in physically inactive people.


Why Should You Join a Hot Yoga Retreat in Thailand?

Many lifestyle habits could make hot yoga either more or less difficult. Furthermore, some things could make you feel unwell when taking a hot yoga class, interfering with all the incredible health benefits you could get from your efforts. For example, hydration, diet, and sleep can all significantly affect your experience and how much you get out of a Bikram session. 

At a retreat, the instructors will guide you through the entire process, teaching you what you should and shouldn't do before and after a hot yoga class. In addition, you will be fed a healthy diet. Take note of what foods are offered during your meals, so you know what to eat for maximum power and nourishment.


Bikram Yoga Retreats and Hot Yoga Retreats in Phuket, Thailand

Two studios offer Bikram and hot yoga retreats in Phuket: Action Point and Kata Yoga. They have different programs that vary in duration from seven to 38 days, and one of them is a teacher-training course. Some classes are Bikram, while others are another yoga style conducted in a heated room. 


Action Point Weight Loss and Fitness Resort Retreats

7-Day Fitness and Hot Yoga Retreat


This trip is perfect for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of yoga and the most cutting-edge techniques in Bikram/Hot yoga training from experienced teachers. The yoga instructors at Action Point Fitness Resort can accommodate students of all experience levels. In addition, the holidays are ideal for people who want to study the basics of Pilates, focusing on improving correct posture. As a bonus, Action Point will offer you a personal trainer to assist you in surpassing all of your goals.

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14-Day Fitness and Hot Yoga Retreat 


A fitness and nutrition expert will meet with you one-on-one for an orientation to the program. Then, you both sit down and map out the program's specifics with an eye toward your desired outcomes.

Losing weight and building muscle are just a couple of the benefits you'll experience from joining this program. In addition, Bikram/Hot yoga raises your heart rate in the heat, which boosts cardiovascular activity and burns more calories. The heat also boosts metabolism and accelerates the oxidation of carbohydrates and fatty acids. As a result, the body's fat-burning capabilities and metabolic rate will improve. 

And if that weren't enough, doing yoga in a hot environment also helps your lymphatic system, which is in charge of eliminating waste products, work more efficiently. This is a healthy way to purge your system of harmful substances. The heat and humidity in the room cause you to sweat, which aids in the body's natural process of purging toxins through your largest organ, your skin. In addition, your capillaries will widen in warmth, allowing more oxygen to reach your tissues, muscles, glands, and organs and aiding in the flushing out of waste.

In addition to Bikram classes and relaxing on Phuket's magnificent beaches, you can get in a few morning workouts at Nai Harn beach during your stay here. Morning workouts on the beach are included once a week during the trip. In addition, all of the resort's amenities, including the pool, the Jacuzzi, the saunas (both hot and cold), the cross-training area, the massage and herbal steam rooms, and the dedicated space for Bikram and Hot yoga, are also included in the holiday retreat package.

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21-Day Most Popular Fitness and Hot Yoga Retreat 


This program is similar to the 14-day but more immersive. You will get into the rhythm of regular hot yoga training and instil it as a habit to continue when you return home. 

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Kata Hot Yoga

7-Day Kata Hot Yoga Holiday 


You will feel thoroughly refreshed in body, mind, and soul during your time in paradise at one of the most stunningly magnificent secret beaches in all of nature. Your body will become robust quickly, and your soul will find a haven there. Possessing a strong mind and spirit while being physically fit is admirable. Get your body back in shape and help it recover itself with our fast-track health programs. By joining this program, you'll get help from a personal trainer, hot yoga classes daily, access to the herbal steam room and swimming pool, and more.  

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38-Day 500-Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training 


Kata Hot Yoga in Phuket, Thailand, has quickly become a mecca for yoga instructors and students from all over the world because of its idyllic setting and a large number of first-time visitors and seasoned yogis who return year after year. They feel privileged to be a part of their students' healing processes. In addition, they have developed a unique offering for those who have already mastered the Kata Hot Yoga method (also called the original hot yoga, 26 & 2, a 90-minute heated Hatha yoga practice).

Completing Kata Hot Yoga's 500-hour teacher training program requires trainees to teach either a 26 & 2 or hot yoga class from scratch. Graduates of the Kata Hot Yoga teacher training program will be prepared to lead the style once they earn their certification. Included in this all-encompassing training are not only the asanas (postures) but also the breathing science, philosophy, meditation, yoga physiology, and anatomy, as well as the focus on teaching techniques and the script used to maintain consistency in the lessons.

Students must take many tests and readings, and they must also participate in an anatomy and posture clinic. The program is designed to transform you into an innovative, original Hot yoga teacher with a solid grounding in theory and practice, with the help of a faculty that reflects the diversity of the yoga community.

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