Government approved funding for 10000 English speakers to teach in Thai schools

16 Sep 2020

The Thai Ministry of Education, Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan, announced that the government had approved funding for the recruiting of ten thousand native English speakers in addition to seven thousand who currently operate inside the education system in the regions.

Mr. Nataphol Teepsuwan was elected to the cabinet in July last year. Since his appointment, he has shown an interest in reaching countries outside Thailand for aid in realigning the Thai education system, particularly to draw inward investment.

This weekend the Minister made his remark while attending an international school conference in Bangkok.

He said he's planning to apply some of the principles and strategies used to the public sector in the international education system, while also announcing proposals to streamline the country's extensive school network.

He said he is aiming to reduce the number of schools to fewer than half the existing amount of 15,000 separate institutions at present.

He informed his audience that this year's virus shutdown has held up his attempts to hire more native-speaking English teachers, and those travel constraints will also hamper his efforts shortly.

Mr. Nataphol said anyone invited to teach English in Thailand should have relevant educational credentials, such as a teaching certificate.

He mentioned Canada as a reference, too. That nation has been sending English speaking teachers to Japan for some time.

As for now there is no further information regards that plan, how to register, whats the exact requirements needed are and what are the job specifications. 

Source: Thai Examiner