Cabinet approved the long stay visa

15 Sep 2020

The Thai cabinet approved the proposal to approve for a long-stay visa for tourists visiting Thailand.

Deputy government spokesperson Traisuree Taisaranakul said on Tuesday (September 15) that the Cabinet decided to enable foreigners to live in Thailand for up to nine months per journey if they can show that they have stayed fourteen days in quarantine. The first visit would enable 90 days of stay, which can then be expanded twice for a total of nine months.

The visa will cost 2000 Baht and can be renewed up to two times (total 270 days). Visitors will be required to quarantine in a special hotel.

Last week it has been published that Thailand is finalizing a plan that would encourage elderly, sun-seeking Europeans to spend the country's upcoming winter months in an effort to save their infirm tourism market. 

Since late March Thailand's borders have been locked to most foreigners to combat the Corona pandemic.