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Environmental campaign for plastic recycling getting progress

7 Nov 2020

Since June, the Plastics to Merits campaign by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment (MNRE) has received a large volume of plastic waste.
Today, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University donated to the recycling campaign 100,000 plastic bottle caps collected by students and university staff. 
MNRE, Natural Resources, and Environment Ministry has received a 209-kilogram pack of some 100,000 plastic bottle caps collected under the environmental protection campaign of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, which is a network partner of the recycling campaign Plastics to Merits.
These plastic caps are processed and recycled into materials to produce other items, such as monk robes, medical personal protective equipment ( PPE), and other marine animal rescue instruments. 
The Permanent Secretary of the MNRE said that plastic bottle caps are among the top-10 of ocean waste most commonly found, weighing around 26 billion caps or 520 tons. These bottle caps affect the land and marine environment, sea animals, and humans unless appropriately handled. 
The Plastics to Merits recycling campaign encourages the general public to discard their single-use plastic items, such as water bottles, cups, straws, and plastic bags at collection points located at Provincial Halls, Provincial Natural Resources, and Environment Offices.
The materials collected in the campaign will be recycled and upcycled, preventing them from ending up as trash and helping to save marine animals. 
This campaign also supports the circular economy, encourages the correct management of plastic waste, and reduces plastic use.

Source: NNT