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We have a look at this week Aug 14 -20 and what's going on

14 Aug

What is happening on Koh Phangan this week?

Monday 14/08
Start at sunset at Infinity Beach Club with a Happy Hour to warm up.  
Mountain life is on tonight and ready to make your night magical!

Tuesday 15/08 
Relax by the pool at Phanganist until the night brings you the HALF MOON FESTIVAL

Wednesday 16/08 
Fill in your WISHLIST for the day and we will grant your wishes! Everything to do on Phangan including a WISHLIST for you!
If you like we can take you on a waterfall roundabout and hike through the mountains and waterfalls. Walk up the waterfall and dip in the pools and take a massage shower on the way up!
Find your way to Haadrin and Dance the night away at Light House!


Thursday 17/08
Book at boat to Angthong Marine Park and go on an amazing boat roundabout 42 tropical islands snorkling, kayakking or hiking! If you like you are welcome to camp out one night here and get picked up the next day! Enjoy the sunset at Fishermans for a Chill n Deep evening with Sho Ando!
Spend the night at the Lost Paradise and get lost to the music!

Friday 18/08
Make a day out of it and rent a car and have a look around the island! Enjoy the evening with a Ladies Night at Bangers and Mash!

Saturday 19/08 
Time to try out some activities! Why not book at Sport Package and have a roundabout Muay Thai, Wake boarding and the Challange Lake!! Fun and active! 
Sunset time is Three Sixty Bar with a Reggae evening and a full view!!

Sunday 20/08 
Take a day to discover Scuba Diving! Sign up here for a Beginners package and you are on your way to underwater life!

That was the third week of August, let's just have a look at the Moon parties and bigger events and see what's on for the rest of August;

Halfmoon Festival will be also on Aug. 29. Get ready and book and buy your ticket here!

Blackmoon Culture comes around on the 21st of Aug. Get ready and book and buy your ticket here and now!

Infinity Beach Club is open every day and invite for happy hours between 6 and 9pm.

Enjoy August on Phangan and do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you!

And for any rainy day on Phangan we recommend THIS!!


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