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Life is a Game but Football is Serious - Sport and Fun at Blue Dream

16 May 2016

Leo Beer took us to meet Jeremie and the team at Blue Dream Hostel in Ban Tai.

Famous for its many facilities and grand scale, Blue Dream is more than just a hostel.

Now with its full size football pitch named ‘Phangan Arena’, Blue Dream is complete.

The first official game will be on Wednesday May 18th 2016 and it will be FC Farang vs Koh Phangan Police. Everyone is invited to watch and celebrate.

We spoke with owner Jeremie about how the hostel has grown from its small beginnings to a larger than life hostel and sports complex...

Thank you for having us, so firstly as Phangan’s largest hostel what was Blue Dream like before?

It was a karaoke bar so there were no rooms, no beds, no swimming pool and we firstly started to open just the front area and sold drinks and paninis at the time.

It was a Thai style place with many different colours that didn’t attract so many tourists or westerners, basically just thai people.

So did you know you wanted a hostel and how did you start to grow it?
As soon as I took over I put the sign ‘sports complex’ but it has taken four years to achieve everything, I knew from the beginning exactly what I wanted to do.

Tell us the order of how it became what it is today...

We did the rooms first because we had all the space to add walls and create rooms.

Downstairs the original owners wanted to do a nightclub as it was a big space but instead we created walls and rooms.

Then the swimming pool, then the jockey ball area. Majestic next door was not ours at first but now we have it and this is how we have been able to expand by buying the property next door. Now we have two in one, two brands but in one big complex.

We started to get many people wanting private rooms so we built twenty seven of them to cater for these guests.

You are well known for your many facilities especially sports and now have the football pitch, is this the icing the cake?

The astroturf is forty six by thirty one metres, it’s full size for a seven a side and we also have two for five a side.

I think it’s a combination of everything; being open twenty four hours, having sports facilities and also the swimming pool is important, no one would want to stay here in the day if there is no pool to enjoy.

Why the name Blue Dream?
Because of the sea, we came up with many different names and had twenty four hours to decide so we went with blue dream.

We have a blue theme and it’s a dream to stay here.

What are your main focuses for the rest of the year?
Personally I will take care of the football, the idea is to get facilities for the thai people to play football and increase the number of people involved as all of the pitches on the island were in bad condition.

So now we have created this and we’ll make leagues and bring a bit of western standards into sport and football here.

We’re going to create a league beginning in July with eight teams, they can register directly at the arena office here.

We want to focus on the football this year to promote Koh Phangan in a different way, as an alternative to the parties.

We have a tournament for Half Moon, the idea is the day of the party we have the tournament to give a different idea of Phangan, it’s not just about partying it's also about sports.

So your bar and restaurant is open twenty four hours, what gave you the idea for this?

Because we have so many guests coming back from parties and when we arrive in the morning there’s a lot of rubbish from 7/11 sandwiches and drinks so we decided to be open twenty four hours.

At night when we have a football league we play the game and have many people watching so it’s a good thing for them and so many people come back from a party and want one last beer or something to eat.

Anyone is welcome to come for food and drinks twenty four hours and anyone from outside is also welcome to use the pool also.

You got our pal Christopher Thomas into paint murals, how did this happen?

The first paintings were right on the road, the lady and the logo.

I saw Jordan from Slumber Party (previously Ringside) and we went there with Dylan and asked about the artist, we didn’t know his name so Jordan took us to meet him, showed us the room and we saw Chris! This is a true story...

Did you know you wanted art at Blue Dream?
We had so many white walls and we knew we wanted art but we didn’t know it was gonna look so nice.

We thought we were going to ask for two or three jobs but now Christopher Thomas and the Star Lab Industries team have done nearly all of the walls here.

Do you ever have free time?

If I do then I play football and I also take care of my boy.

But having a big business like this takes a lot of time as there’s lots of staff and lots of guests so I don’t have many days off.

But do you still enjoy what you do?
Oh yes, because I have built my dream place, football and all the games, ping pong and the pool table.

I really want to spend time in this place, I make what I like the most and we can spend time with the customers and spend time playing sports and relaxing.

So being a sportsman Jeremie, what’s your football philosophy?
Life is a game but football is serious.