What type of Traveler are you?

11 May 2019

You love traveling but are still not sure if Koh Phangan is the right place for you to visit? Well, keep reading! No matter what type of traveler you are, this idyllic island is definitely going to charm you in its own way. Find out what to do on Koh Phangan depending on what you are looking for and check out what type of traveler you are!

The Party animal
If you are a true party animal and are looking for the best nights out, Koh Phangan is perhaps the king of your bucket list. The island has a reputation of hosting the best parties, and especially the famous Full Moon party attracts like-minded people from all over the world. Don’t know where to start? It is easy to instantly connect with people if you stay in a hostel and pre-party with other travelers at the bar and by the pool! Hot spot: The bar at Phanganist Hostel has special offers every night and you can play pool or join fun drinking games like beer pong. Chill in the pool with a bucket while socializing and getting ready for the party night out!

The Adventure seeker
You absolutely need it – Thrill and Adrenaline! If boredom is an alien concept for you, Koh Phangan is your perfect holiday destination. Never dived before? Try out something new, get your PADI certificate and enjoy diving in the beautiful warm waters in the gulf of Thailand. Another popular activity you can sign up for is Kite Surfing. Let the wind blow your mind and enjoy the beach view from the top of the waves! Rent a Kayak, spend some hours stand up paddling or, if you want to experience a glimpse of the true culture of Thailand, sign up for Muay Thai classes.

The Nature/Animal Lover
Although Koh Phangan is a popular tourist destination there are plenty of opportunities to escape crowded areas to reconnect with nature. Get your hiking shoes ready and explore some of the numerous waterfalls and viewpoints on the island! For example you can visit the tall Wang Sai Waterfall and explore it from above and below. You can drive close to it by motorbike and you will arrive after a short 10 minutes’ walk. Explore the nicest viewpoints at Phaeng Waterfall after a 35min hike and at the rocks at Bottle Beach (1 ½ hour roundtrip). After the hike you can relax and chill at one of the picturesque beaches or recharge your batteries at the pool of your hostel. If you want to get active and help animals in need, visit the animal shelter “animal care for strays”. If you are not into diving and still want to enjoy the underwater world of the area, join a snorkel trip and explore unspoiled coral reefs around the West and the Northern Coast of the island. As a true animal lover you might want to think twice before you join any tours that involve elephant riding or taking pictures with monkeys. If you want to actively participate in keeping the island clean, join our Phanganist Hostel Trash picking events!

The Backpacker
Travelling long term and always on a budget? No problem! Koh Phangan got plenty of options for you without draining your wallet. You can find good value for money accommodation and if you don’t mind missing out on the full moon party, choose to arrive just after full moon or off season for best hostel deals. Like anywhere else in Thailand it is easy to find delicious and affordable food in many local restaurants and markets. There are also plenty of free activities you join on Koh Phangan like free parties, fun bachata and salsa classes and more!

The Flashpacker
You are traveling on a budget but still want to get the most out of life on Koh Phangan? You don’t mind spending a few coins extra for the best experience? Flashpackers are the new Backpackers! Phanganist Hostel is the hotspot for travelers who don’t want to spend a fortune but enjoy life to the fullest. Equipped with air conditioned dormitories, clean shared bathroom facilities, a reasonably priced bar and a clean, spacious pool this trendy hostel will make your stay on Koh Phangan a truly unique experience. You will easily connect with people around and instantly become part of a greater family. Pre-party, chillout, play games and get ready for tonight’s party at the famous Drop in Bar or other parties around the island!

The Beauty Queen
Massage, Mani-Pedi, Waxing, Hairstyling, Shopping… you can basically find anything your beauty-heart desires on this island. The good news: Everything is so much cheaper than in most other places around the world. Indulge like a queen, pamper yourself and enjoy one of the most reputable Thai massages right in the country of its origin! There are plenty of shopping options for you to pimp your wardrobe without spending a fortune – your girls back home will love your new beach dress and cheerful jewelry!

The Conscious Yogi
Koh Phangan has become one of the favorite destinations for Yogis and Health conscious travelers. You can join a rejuvenating yoga retreat or simply find drop-in classes whenever you feel like practicing yoga and meditation. Especially on the northern point of the island you can explore your options and find out more about the daily schedules of different yoga schools. That part of the island is also the paradise for vegetarian and vegan food lovers – numerous cafes and restaurants will make you want to stay forever!

Island/Beach Hopper
Island hopping is the most popular way to explore Thailand for obvious reasons: It is easy and affordable to get from island to island and every place you visit offers its own unique charms. Anyone who has been to Koh Phangan will probably agree – this island must be part of your trip!

The Groupies and Couples
Traveling with your mates? Time for your annual trip with all your girlfriends? Fancy a trip to paradise with your love? Koh Phangan offers so many opportunities and options that anyone can find something to do – there is hardly any space left for drama! Beauty queens can spend the day at the Spa while the adventure seekers hike a waterfall – and in the evening you all meet up for the party of the night! Sounds perfect? It is perfect!

The Gentle explorer
You travel slowly and love to stay longer at one place so you can truly get to know all the secret spots of the place. You want to learn more about the culture, the people and make friends for a lifetime. In Koh Phangan you will feel like you just arrived at home! It is very likely that you will get stuck here with all the good vibes, fun parties, perfect weather and incredible beaches. As a gentle explorer you won’t get bored here with so many options to dig deeper into the Thai culture by joining a local cooking class or Muay Thai classes.

As you can see, Koh Phangan offers fun activities for any type of traveler. It doesn’t matter if you make it part of your annual holiday or your long term backpacking trip – you will definitely enjoy every moment and find just the right thing for you to do!