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WAKE UP on Koh Phangan

9 Sep 2018

Land in a different language, arrive with feet that want to say goodbye to the shoes, look back and see that the sea is infinite.

Adventure your fears on a motorbike that takes you to the place where you could rest your backpack.

Open that door, where you receive that smile that welcomes you to something new that is going to start and nobody knows it.

That smile, friendly, understanding.

And now my eyes light up again, seeing a mattress that calls for rest, a curtain that gives way to privacy, and a person that wants conversations at midnight with someone I already had no pleasure to meet.

Walk barefoot and run into other fingers that relax between the water of a blue pool, clean, clear.

Start joining parts of the world with wonderful people hanging from a hammock, while the tropical and fresh flavor of a 'Piña Colada' gives rhythm to my being.

And in the background, that peaceful, relaxed or intense melody that makes me shake my head and hum without realizing it.

A sunset playing with cards, seeing the connection that this light has created, this company around me, this family that grow up here like the most beautiful plant on the driest desert, and without nothing to return, only the thanks of living and travel. That's why it is so special.

After my new beginning, fluorescents give me the good night and the best start on the island. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Thanks Koh Phangan.
Thanks Phanganist.

Written by Zinea Moreno

for Phanganist readers.