Tips for traveling alone

18 Dec 2018

Going on a trip – is the best way to change perspective and to get out of the routine. Even scientists say that traveling brings more joy than shopping.

But it brings a lot of stress too – you need to find a companion that can go on the same time and is willing to do the same stuff, so you need to plan your trip according to someone else’s desires and needs

Or maybe it is about time to find the best companion who always will be there for you – yourself.

Going on a trip alone for the first time might be a little bit scary, but South Asia and Thailand in particular is the one of best places to do that.

And we have tips to get prepared for the greatest adventure in your life.


Before the trip

Plan ahead. Set alerts for the sites that sell tickets – if you want to get on the plane for the best rate, you need to do it as early as possible. Check dates during the working days – usually they are cheaper

But don’t try to plan the whole trip while sitting at home. You are not on a tour, so make your trip a true adventure, give yourself freedom to change the plans and even destinations.

Hostels instead of hotels. Of course having a room all or yourself with a private bathroom is much more convenient, but that will make you feel a bit lonely. At a hostel it is much easier to find a company – it is always full of people who (just like you) are travelling alone and will be happy to share their experience, tips on where to go, to eat and what to see. You will be amazed how easy it is to go out for a dinner with a random stranger.

Book only first couple of nights – in case you don’t like the place – you might find something better on site.

Pack smart. On your travel – especially to Thailand – you wont need a huge suitcase full of fancy outfits – t-shirts, couple of shirts, swimsuit, comfortable shoes – that’s all you need here. Also don’t bring a lot of cosmetics and shampoos – that can easily be bought here, and that will safe space in your backpack

Download maps – that will help you a lot to find whereabouts ant show local taxi drivers where you need to go – as not a lot of Thai people speak English.


On the trip

Don’t panic. Finding yourself alone in another country and another culture can be stressful. You just need to relax and get into the Asian vibe – when everything is simple, the weather is nice and so are the people

Rely on common sense. Of course walking around sketchy areas with an overpriced smartphone in your hand is dangerous. But even though Thailand is not voted as the safest country in the world, here it feels quite safe to go around on your own. Just keep closer to the main streets and smile to the people.

Smile more. Thailand is called The Country of Smiles. And it is not only about locals. Here you can meet people from all over the world. Don’t miss your chance to get to know other travellers and hear their stories that might inspire you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are lost, don’t know where to buy local sim card, want a piece of advice – don’t hesitate to ask locals and fellow travelers. Don’t sit all in your phone – better talk to real people. And if you are going alone with your suitcase in the rain somebody will always offer you a ride – that one is based on a true story.

Be like a local. Hey, you are on a trip so you don’t want to eat the same food as you do at home. So say no to pizzas, burgers and fries. Thai food is amazing if you give it a chance. And remember even the most weird and not so good looking places can have delicious food. Start with fried rice with chicken, try all the variety of seafood and then you’ll be ready to eat some street food without being scared of getting food poisoning.

Experience the island life. Thailand has a lot to offer – temples, palaces and other places of interest. But save some time just to relax on one of the islands and feel the vibe that attracts a lot off people from different countries to spend months here. Koh Phangan is known for its insane parties, but it is also a place where you can chill at a beautiful beach, chase the waterfalls or hike mountains, get into yoga or spend day in the SPA. And we at Phanganist know all the best places to visit. So keep reading...