Party Island and much more

12 Feb 2021

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Phangan - an island in Thailand, where parties are constantly held regardless of the day of the week, you can dance on the beach or a rooftop, or maybe on the shore of the lake or ocean. They never sleep here and it seems that Phangan itself loves those who do not want to waste a single minute and live with full dedication.

The most important event on the island is of course the Full moon party. Perhaps someone is preparing for this grand party and plans to arrive within six months, and someone decided to make a gift on the eve of the day before and allow them to have fun all night long in tune with thousands of people.

What happens the day before...

People prepare for the party in advance - buy T-shirts, paint their faces with bright fluorescent colors and drink a couple of buckets of cocktails before this great fun. Buckets are not an exaggeration at all, there really is such a format for serving drinks, with a huge amount of ice.

In the Phanganist Hostel, everyone plays, bathes in the pool, shouts "Ole, Ole, Ole" so that the neighbors are in the know. They paint each other and are charged with positive energy to dance until the morning. The atmosphere is created in advance and the whole air is saturated with the anticipation of this grand event for many young people. Which will definitely be remembered for a long time.

But perhaps you have already visited all the parties and decided to meditate to the sound of the waves, do yoga or qigong at dawn, or other recreational practices. There are really a lot of schools in which you will be helped to open your chakras and achieve harmony. The island has a thousand layers and it is good not only for parties. And the longer you can stay here the more amazing discoveries and natural beauty awaits you.

You can even spend the night in a hostel and chat with a dozen interesting people, but if you want to go to bed early, be sure to bring earplugs and blindfolds, otherwise the fun of others will not allow you to sleep peacefully. But this is what Koh Phangan is - an island of parties and happiness.