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Koh Phangan got my whole heart

6 Feb 2019

Sean, a Malaysian guy (you may know him as the Bucketfly) and a good friend of us Phanganists who totally fell in love with koh Phangan with all his heart since the first time he came here. Koh Phangan is not even on his plan

“I didn’t meant to come here but after I did I never wanted to leave this place, Koh Phangan and Phanganist Hostel is like my second home. Everybody here is like my family even the strangers, they’re always so nice to me even if we just met and that’s so amazing” Sean said
After his first time here, he then brought some of his friends from Malaysia to come to Koh Phangan and show them how fun and beautiful this island is...and of course, his friends like it here as well! They even said they’re gonna come back here for sure.

Sean comes back and forth, Koh Phangan and Malaysia 9 times within 1 year! And every time he’ll stay here for like 2 weeks max.

“I fell in love with everything here especially the mother of nature in this islands, all the jungles, waterfalls and beaches believe it or not, but everywhere makes my heart stop for a minute when I first saw those places and the sunset here is like a magic!”

Since he came here he knows lots of people including some DJs who plays on Koh Phangan, he then started to be interested in music and started learn how to make some music by himself.
And all the environments on Koh Phangan are one of the factors why he comes back here plus all the people here both locals and foreigners who lives here are so good to him and the post important beautiful girls that’s why he couldn’t resists to come back!

What are you guy waiting for! Come and experience this amazing island yourself you could have fall in love Koh Phangan like he is!