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Dress Up and Go Crazy!!

10 May

Need some ideas on what is acceptable party idea for this week of epicness!?! Look no further, we give you a run down of some of the coolest styles to inspire you this week...

Firstly, if you're going to Jungle Experience tonight you can dress up however you want, the more adventurous the better. You'll feel right at home with all of the creativity around you and its a great chance to be imaginative!

If you want to get really into the spirit of Full Moon then you must have a neon uniform, complete with bodypaint!

You can really go all out here on Koh Phangan, this guy chose to go all 80s on us but you can do whatever you want during party week here...

Remember to stay cool ladies and gents, sunglasses are totally allowed inside and you'll need them for the morning sunrise!

And there's no shortage of colourful shirts here on Phangan, treat yourself to something outlandish and most importantly, have fun!

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