Agoda Hotel Guide for Chiang Mai

28 Jan 2021

When you travel to Chiang Mai and want to book your hotel, you can opt to use an online portal such as Agoda. Agoda is one of the fastest-growing websites for online travel reservations in the world. Since its founding as an e-commerce start-up founded in Singapore in 2005, it has grown to offer a worldwide range of 2 million assets in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Agoda provides travellers with easy access to a broad variety of luxurious and budget hotels, homes, residences, and villas to accommodate both budgets and possibilities for travel.


Why Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is one of the country's most popular attractions, perhaps second only to Bangkok in its attractiveness. It is a cool mountain town famed for its hill tribes, lush rainforests, elephant sanctuaries, and fascinating food. If you like travelling to Buddhist temples, then in Chiang Mai there are over 300 for you to try. As digital nomads have decided to call this northern Thai city their home, night markets and cool cafe hangouts are plentiful. Many long-term travellers planning to visit for just a few weeks go to Chiang Mai, but end up remaining for a couple of months instead. It's such a livable city that offers a mix of speed, affordability, convenience, music, nature, and nightlife that is almost ideal.

Chiang Mai

Why use Agoda?

Agoda will often have lower rates than other websites, suggesting that it is very affordable and thus worth testing. It could be quicker and simpler than remembering to pay on arrival at the hotel as you also pay for the booking in advance. Agoda for Thailand is a well-known website which is found in several hotels. For frequent clients, they have an app, incentive plans and coupons.



Fortunately, web platforms, such as Agoda, encourage lodging clients to rate and review about their encounters in the facilities. In comparison to the owners who would give you lies focused on all the positive things they have to offer, they say what they have learned as consumers from a customer's point of view. Reviews could be a remedy for you to read when trying to choose a hotel. Nearly all properties have at least several published for them already. As a prospective client, you should compare and contrast each of the reports that have already been published and decide whether an issue that has been identified is a concern for you depending on the words of others.

Chiang Mai


There will still be the possibility of a mix-up or unexpected element tossing a wrench into your travel booking schedule. No booking agent is resistant to certain forms of events, which is why they have some money-back guarantees you may want to check, if appropriate, their customer service staff is available to assist you or repay you. By utilizing Agoda, you have your reservation assured, which is safer than just turning to the accommodation when there could be no rooms left for you. Getting your reservation via Agoda indicates that if you do not manage to connect with the property for any reason, you can still contact them.


Filter your search

You can easily compare other hotels on sale in the same area or also on a budget by using Agoda's filtering system. In this way, you will be given a selection of those accommodations that meet the needs or are in the area you want to stay, instead of looking for a big and large location that could take some time.



You used to have to wait to review your booking to see the maximum cost, Agoda now provides all taxes and fees in its bill, a good change. Please note that before you arrive, properties sometimes apply guest taxes or extra fees to the bill. This can be written during the booking period directly somewhere, please make sure you check it.

Chiang Mai


It can occasionally take some time to obtain your hotel/accommodation booking clearance. Costs can be a little more expensive than other websites with similar-type lodging, still, compare. Great sales often involve several hundred people watching them at the same moment, so you're going to have to move fast to book or take note where they're going to go.


The best way

Book for a limited amount of time, but continue for a longer period. If you do not want to bring too much effort before arrival, one of the best ways to use Agoda is to make your reservation for a short time, two or three days. Then, as long as it's not going to get full, you will automatically prolong the stay with the hotel when you arrive.