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Injecting Some Soul into House and Techno Every time - L.B House DJ

23 May

DJ L.B HOUSE came to Koh Phangan 5 years ago for the first time and comes to visit his friend David Chong, also a DJ as we all know!

“I came many years ago to Thailand, my close friend David came here so this is what brought me to Koh Phangan, I love it so much, I love the culture.

David come a long time before so I came to visit him. This time it is for vacation and to try to settle here and stay. I have plans for the future so I will work on this”.

When did you start your DJ career?
In fact at the age of 10 when I was with my Father as he was a DJ too.

He and I would buy vinyl records, Jazz and Soul music.

After then Hip Hop began in the early 80’s, I’m born in the 70’s so I have a little experience. Hip Hop came to Paris and I was breakdancing, music makes up a part of my life. I then stopped breakdancing but I was buying records and that made me open to a world of music.

I would go to buy records in record stores in Paris and met a lot of people who became famous DJs. After that I listened to House music in the early 90’s and loved it so much, I would hang out with DJs in Paris and go to many clubs. I was a real House head at that time.

When were your first gigs and how were they?
In the mid 80’s at a little club called ‘Cafe Tresor’ in Paris, I had my equipment in my house and would make private parties a lot and then played in many places such as ‘Bershingo’ in Paris, a famous and nice place. I had a residency there every week for 2 years and continued to play many private parties.

You introduced yourself to us as a kind of ‘Soul Funk’ man at heart, what’s your style now?
My first love was Funk and Soul music and after the electronic music came. I started from the mid 90’s when electronic music was only a little existing and that evolved and House music came.

I cannot say that I’m specialised in Funky, House music is a continuation and evolution of this kind of music. I try to put soul in every time when I play, it’s very important for me, even in Techno.

You play vinyl usually is that right?
Vinyl is the culture, it’s everything because now everyone has a laptop and has never touched vinyl. Technology is good but I like to come back to the source.

I would like to bring vinyl here but my friends said it’s hard and I have some expensive ones that I don’t want to ruin or get warped in the heat. Maybe next time but I’m afraid so for now I have my laptop here.

So you will play a set on Wednesday 24th of May at Phanganist, what will you do?
It depends on the crowd, I don’t make plans, it depends on them. You must look at the crowd before.

I have an idea but it depends how they react, I cannot say what I will play but I need to see how they react and this is what a DJ must do. I like to play what I love but I must give them what they want. I’m like a mirror you see.

What do you think of the Phangan music scene?
There’s a lot to do, try to get back to the roots. The music here for me needs more of a real underground scene like I know we have in Paris. I can just try to impose an share it here as I don’t see any real underground House music.

What are your plans for the rest of year?
Try to work hard, find gigs and spread my music and good vibes.

Do you have a music philosophy?
That’s a way of life for me, when I hear House music it’s what’s in my head, I will always have music around me.

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