Koh Phangan During December High Season

26 Dec 2019

December marks the beginning of peak season here on Koh Phangan, the rest of the world are enjoying Christmas and colder weather yet here on our little island we’re powering up for the most parties of the year and a great climate which is not too hot yet not cold.

December on Koh Phangan is almost everything you could ever want – clear blue skies and sea in the complementary shades and perfect 28C as an average. Even if it does get very hot and you get hungry for chillier weather, 10 minutes drive up to the island's hills will provide you all the refreshment you need. And once you are there, there are plenty of trekking paths through the forest, with waterfalls to stumble upon or even swim under! Sounds perfect? It is.

There’s a reason this is peak season here as many Europeans are willing to use their Christmas holidays to run away from the freezing European winter so it does get very busy on the island. Accomodation gets more expensive and you might have to wake up early to get a decent place for your towel on the beach. But there are always resorts with their own, private beaches where you might find your peace – but make sure to book it weeks in advance.

It is a crazy month for parties and events, because of Christmas and also New Year's Eve you can enjoy having more than one ‘Full Moon Party’ in one month which doesn’t happen in other months of the year. This means that other parties follow suit.

High season is a great time to come if you want to meet lots of new friends, people arrive from all over the world to stay for either just a few days or even weeks and months. A lot of visitors will be KP regulars who come to stay on the island each year yet there will be just as many new faces who are experiencing this magical island for the first time. The island is super buzzing in December.

Everything you could wish for is catered to during this peak time, your accommodation can organise lots of trips out or any request you may have.

High season does mean that you should be aware that there will be lots of people everywhere! This includes the roads, more bikes, more cars, more accidents unfortunately. It’s best to take taxis but if you do drive please wear a helmet.

You may also find that things such as yoga courses, retreats, diving schools, hotels etc become fully booked quicker so it will take a little bit more forward planning if you want to visit and take part at this time, don’t let it put you off though.

Phanganist are here to help you through high season, whether you need help with accommodation, tours and trips, parties or even support if you’re a local (ha-ha) please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy High Season Phanganists!