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Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes - Naturally

25 Jan

Mozzies are a bit of a pain aren’t they. They can also give you dengue fever which can be very bad.

If you don’t want to cover yourself with harmful chemicals then try some of these natural ways to deter mosquitoes and a couple of natural ways to ease the itching of bites.

It is best not to itch the bites because you could break the skin and then the bite may become infected, wounds don’t heal so quick in this climate so be careful!

Wear light coloured clothing
Mosquitoes use vision to navigate and dark clothes and foliage are natural attractants.

Citronella oil
A natural repellent

Eat lots of Garlic
Garlic contains a chemical compound that seeps from the skin pores and masks the natural body odors like carbon dioxide, sweat and lactic acid which can attract mosquitoes so eat lots of garlic!

Citrus fruits
Chop up a lime, squeeze it into a jub of water, along with the segments and drink all day, it will help deter those mosquitoes.

Eat them to prevent bites and rub them on bites to stop itching

Orange Peel
If you’re not that keen to rub onions all over yourself to keep away mosquitoes (and we don’t blame you!), you may be happy to know that you can often get similar results by rubbing fresh orange or lemon peels over your exposed skin. It’s said that mosquitoes are totally repulsed by the scent.

Eat up those Spicy Thai foods
Most spicy foods have ingredients that contain onions, chilies, garlic and coriander spices which are all said to have mosquito repelling qualities!

Rubbing the insides of banana skin on bites will stop the itching and smell nice too!


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