Temple Festivals on Koh Phangan

24 Jan 2020

You may have noticed, how can you not?! Temples all over the island have festivals at different parts of the year. Right now there is one happening at Thong Sala Temple.

The usually peaceful spaces are transformed into loud fairs with a party atmosphere with live bands, stall holders and food vendors. When it’s your area Temple’s turn for a festival you can guarantee some loud maybe sleepless nights and heavier traffic but it’s all in good Thai cultured spirit! If you can’t beat them join them!
temple festival
Temple festivals are a big part of the community year but as well as being fun they are also an event to make merit for the Buddhist people and to raise funds for the Temple itself. Making merit is a hope to bring luck and prosperity into their lives. If you are at the festival and walk around to look more closely you will see these Buddhist traditions are a big part of the fair.
temple festival
There is a lot to do for the whole family at these festivals, lots of games to win prizes, fun activities for children, shopping for all and of course food, lots of it!

In the evening, sometimes until the early hours there is usually live music from local bands and also some famous Thai bands and performers are known to come even for the festivals here on Koh Phangan!

Temple festivals can run from anything to 1 to 3 weeks, you can visit them in the daytime for a nice stroll around, eating some snacks from the street stall holders and checking out the market shopping. In the evening it is a different atmosphere and worth a visit too, enjoy some cold beers whilst watching the live acts in amongst the local community where there is always a great enjoyable atmosphere.