The Thai Street Food Personality Guide with Leo

12 Feb 2021

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You are what you eat. Spot your go-to Thai street food below and see what it says about your personality!


You're warm, friendly, and thoughtful. 

You’re always on the lookout for the best souvenirs to bring home to your friends when you travel. You know the best places to shop and where to get the best deals. Your friends love you for your bargaining skills! 

Pad Thai

Ahh, classic choice. You're chill and happy-go-lucky. 

You rarely stress out about anything and adapt easily when plans fall apart. You have a great time no matter what happens. The perfect attitude for backpacking!

Grilled Pork

You're energetic and on-the-go. 

You travel spontaneously and hate fixed itineraries. Instead of planning strictly, you figure things out as you go and ask the locals for advice. This often leads to you discovering lesser-known and cooler spots in the city!

Fried insects

You're daring and fun. 

You love trying new things and end up having the craziest stories to tell by the time you leave. You’re the life of the party and there are no dull moments with you!

Khao Man Gai

You're practical and mature. 

You are the responsible friend when traveling. Your friends don’t need to worry about missing flights or forgetting their valuables because you always have their back!

Mango Sticky Rice

You're sweet and kind. 

You love being around people and almost never travel alone. Because of your sweet personality, people love talking to you and being around you. You have no trouble making friends anywhere you go!