Bored of Eating Rice in Thailand? Try These Alternatives

12 Feb 2021

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One of the best things about Thailand is the food! All of the cuisines from around the country. From fragrant curries to yummy noodles, Thailand’s food is known to be some of the best in the world.
But as delicious as it is, eating rice and noodles every day can soon get really boring if you’re here for a while and it is not particularly healthy. Fortunately though, Thailand has a lot of carb-free and low-carb dishes so mix it up a bit with these.

Hailing from the Isaan region of Thailand and also a popular dish in Laos, laab is a spicy meat salad that can be found all over Thailand. Usually made with minced pork, it sees rice roasted and pounded into fine pieces, before being added to the mixture of lightly-cooked pork, onions and fiery chillies, among other ingredients. The result is a juicy, spicy salad, free of guilt and full of flavour.

Tom Yum
One of Thailand’s famous dishes, this is a soup with a fiery colour and contains nam prik pao, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir leave and chilli. It is spicy, fragrant and sour. It will make your belly full without rice as it’s soup consistency is filling.

Miang Pla Pao - Fish
You’re never too far from fresh fish on Koh Phangan as we are an island surrounded by the sea. which means you won’t be far from the delicious dish of miang pla pao. Miang pla pao is whole fish stuffed with ingredients such as lemongrass and rubbed with a layer of salt and then placed on a grill or BBQ. It’s usually served with a lot of fresh vegetables and sauces making it a healthy and super tasty option!

Pad Pak Boong - Morning Glory
Pad pak boong is morning glory that has been lightly fried alongside oyster sauce, chillies, garlic and often sugar. Popularly eaten as a breakfast or as a side dish, it’s a great way to load up on green veggies before starting your day. Though it’s readily available through Asia, morning glory can be hard to find in the West – so you’d better load up on it while you’re here.

Kai Jiew - Thai Omelette
Instead of filling an omelette with cheese and ham, here in Thailand it will include chicken, pork or spring onions. They also add seasoning and it is sometimes crispy rather than fluffy and is a popular dish at breakfast time like Europe!.

Som Tam
Som tam is a very spicy papaya salad that’s made in a pestle and mortar with tomato, lemon juice, dried shrimp, fish sauce and fiery-hot peppers. It is a salad but still one of Thailand’s spiciest dishes and a healthy option that’s eaten all over the country but comes from Isaan.