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What do you wish you’d have known before coming to Koh Phangan?

5 Jun

Travelling and spending time in different Countries to your own are always an opportunity to learn about yourself and the world around you. Sometimes you may find yourself saying or thinking ‘I wish I’d of known that before’ however and whilst it’s good to learn for yourselves it’s also equally as good to gain knowledge and advice from people who have been there and done it.

So after being on Koh Phangan for a long time as an expat, working or business owner you may have some wise advice you wish you would of known before coming and also if you just visit the island here and there you may wish you would of known something before that could of made your trip more organised or pleasurable.

As always we want to be as helpful to you as possible and so we asked a few people this exact question ‘what do you wish you’d have known before coming to Koh Phangan’.

We have varied advice for you, some will be relevant and some not…

Working, Lifestyle, Long Term

Have a back up plan

“I wish I’d of kept some digital work online for an easier life, a back up money or plan
for continuous income”.

There are costs here on Koh Phangan just like everywhere else, you think it’s cheap to live here but if you are working then you pay tax and insurance just like anyone else.

“How expensive it is to maintain relationships with family back home and you appreciate the benefits in the Western world such as free schooling and free healthcare”.

If you are moving your family here then you should be prepared to pay for everything, schools, doctors visits, everything costs you money. But of course you get a beautiful island and lifestyle here.

As a long termer you might want to be aware that nothing is forever here or at least some of the things you are used to;

“Don’t get too attached, especially to people, it is a tourist island so people come and go often”.

This seems to be a common theme when asking what people wish they’d of known…

“The transient nature of the island, meaning it's hard to make long term plans or friendships”.

Another important point is that there can be a near constant bombardment of illnesses on your body, especially if you're in a stressful western style job. This is Thailand, it is humid and people bring germs which can be harder to get rid of so make sure to take care of yourself whilst here.

Now that we have the serious stuff out of the way, what about advice for people coming not for so long…

Koh Phangan is much more than just the parties, the island itself.

“Apart from being handed a second hand lonely planet and having watched 'The Beach' 15 years ago, I knew very little about the Country I was about to visit.

The memory I have is still so strong of seeing those unexpected things for the first time!! Not knowing what to expect!

Those beaches, those mad jungles, the smiles of the people, the fresh food, the parties on the beach, the sunsets, the sunrises!!, the buckets, the music and the atmosphere.

Not knowing what was to come, was the reason I fell in love even more with this island”.

So in a way, what this person is trying to say is that it is also good to know absolutely nothing before you come to Koh Phangan! You can still have a safe, wonderful and fun time without being prepared. If you want a few little pointers however then here you go…

Wrapping valuable items in 3 layers of 7/11 plastic bags will still get your things wet

Scorpions are not fun items to play with, neither should they be consumed or approached in any way with your toes.

Fluorescent paint WILL end up on everything over full moon period , don't try fight it, it will only get worse

Dancing on tables maybe fun. But please remember those 4 wooden legs supporting you may be in fact less stable than your own.

You can still get sunburnt on the beach after drinking. Alcohol is not a form of suncream

We leave it up to you, use Phanganist to get as prepared as you can or leave it up to chance!

On a serious note we do have articles on help with lawyers for your business, visa advice and budgeting money as well as hundreds of other tips and tricks for however long you will stay, enjoy!


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