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Up to Date Information on Tourist and Non B Visas for Penang with Jim - What You Need!

11 Apr

The most popular place to go and get a proper Thailand Visa is of course Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia. Many tourists, expats and travellers make the voyage to Penang when they want to stay longer in this beautiful Country.

Most of us will use Jim's services, he takes all of the hassle out of the visa service and does it for you, also offering transport services to get you home to Phangan when it is all done after a two night stay in Penang.

In the last year, even last few months there have been important changes for the requirements of obtaining certain visas. The simplest way to describe things is that they have got more strict, which of course is understandable.

Don’t let this put you off though as you will just need to be a little more prepared and have certain things in place when you go to obtain a new visa.

Here we let you know of exactly what you will need for Tourist and Non B Thai Visas (we will make an update for Non O when we have more info);

Tourist Visa
A tourist visa obtained at the Thai Embassy will entitle you to 90 days stay, however do remember that you will only be stamped for 60 days and will need to extend for another 30 at Thai Immigration (closest to Phangan is Koh Samui)

What you will need;

2 Passport photos
Hostel or other accommodation reservation
Flight out of Thailand
Bank statement

Be prepared to be able to show 20,000 Baht either in cash or as a statement at the Thai border upon re-entry. They want you to show how you are funding your trip and to make sure you are not illegally working.

You will not be able to get a new Tourist visa if you have more than 3 tourist visas in a row already.

Non B
If this is your first Non B visa and you are waiting for your work permit then you will at first be given three months, when you receive your work permit you then go back after the three months and then there are a few options or categories;

You are an employee of a company
When you are an employee of a company you will now only get a three month Non B visa (recently changed from one year)

You are Director of the company
If you are a Director you will be able to get One Year visa.

You are a shareholder
Shareholders 20% or over - You can get One Year visa
Shareholders 20% or Under - You will get three months visa

If you require a one year visa make sure you have at least shares of 20% and above.

What you will need;

Paperwork from your lawyer including all originals of contract etc
Paperwork to show your status (director/shareholder)
2 Passport photos

We hope this helps make your visa trip as smooth as possible.


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