Gentleman! Tips on How to Score a girl on Koh Phangan!!

24 Apr 2018

Koh Phangan is the perfect place to meet someone, between the beach, parties and all the activities available to you ... You could maybe meet the woman of your life here!

Let the Phanganist introduce you the 10 best tips to catch a girl on the magical island :


1 - If you are staying in a Hostel, youre a lucky one! It will be easier for you to meet girls. At the Phanganist Hostel for example, you can spot your favorite at the pool during the afternoon and offer her a drink during the happy hour (3 for 2 buckets)

2 - If you meet your beauty at the beach, show her your adventurous talents and pick her a fresh coconut directly from the tree! Otherwise, you can simply offer her a delicious fruit shakeit will do the trick but it will be less glorious

3 - Invite her to discover the tropical jungle of Koh Phangan! You could be a hero to her eyes if you meet a snake and you make him flee

4 - During a party, dont be too drunk, no one likes rubbish. The most important thing is to remember her name and coordinates, if you want to see her again someday...

5 - Be a gentleman and invite her to eat a good old Fried Rice at your best address!

6 - If you want something romantic, what better than a sunset? You will see the most beautiful on the west coast of the island, in Haad Yao beach for exemple


7 - Less romantic but you can still offer her the famouscroque monsieurfrom 7/11.

Thats always comforting after a hard party

8 - Show her how zen and healthy you are by sharing a Yoga session with her

9 - Girls love going out of the ordinary, offer her a diving session and try to kiss her under the seabed!

10 - Animals are also a good way to score with a lady. In Koh Phangan you are spoiled for choice between these cute little dogs and cats for example. Show her your charity side by visiting the "PhaNgan Animal Care for Strays" or just feeding the stray animals...

Koh Phangan is the perfect place for love so whether you're looking or enjoying already, have an amazing time!

By guest writer Juliette.