What it’s REALLY like to live on Koh Phangan - Part Four ‘Lifestyle and Where to Live’

10 May 2019

You have decided to make the big move to Koh Phangan! To live here all year round, on this beautiful island. Youve got yourself a job or are in the process of setting up a business, or you are rich enough already to survive. You have sorted yourself with the correct long-term Visa to be able to stay legally in the Country and your one-way flight is booked and bags are packed!

You can now move on to the exciting aspect of finding a house to live in and make your own and deciding which area of the island is right for you, because each area is different!

If you are working and have a job you may be lucky enough to be provided with accommodation in your employment package. If not, then you may want to consider where your job will be and chose a home close to the area. This goes the same if you will have business on the island, you may want to be close to the shop or office depending on the business you do.

If you are more free to chose the area without ties to a location then you may want to consider your budget as an important aspect when choosing where to live. Different areas of Koh Phangan can be more expensive than others, especially if they are near a beach or with a seaview etc.

You can read our article here onWhich Area of Koh Phangan to Stay in Depending on Your Budget’. We address low, medium and high budgets and the areas best suited for you to live.

In general, we will assume that because you are moving here to live permanently you will not be looking at staying in a Hostel or Resort and that you will want your own house. However, you could always look at sharing a house with others if you want to keep your living costs down.

Renting a House
Houses on Koh Phangan range from simple bamboo and wooden styles up to luxury western style houses and villas like you would find anywhere else in the world. So your budget will really play a part in what you can get.

To find somewhere to live long-term the best thing to do is drive around yourself and look!

Most free houses will have a sign and a phone number of the Thai owner, doing it this way means you cut out the agents and speak to the owner directly who will eventually be your landlord. You can also negotiate a Long-term price, sometimes they are open for a 10 year or so deal and if you pay yearly then the discount will be great compared to paying every month.

If you are looking for something specific or just dont have the time to look yourself then you can of course use an agent or property company to look for you. Many westerners have business in doing this exact thing and so have many contacts and landlords who use their services. You can find reputable companies on Facebook groups for Koh Phangan.

Building your own house
It is not the easiest thing to do but it can and has been done, so if you are committed to living here and can afford it then you may want to build your own dream home. You will need to have your own company set up to be able to acquire the land first or be married to a Thai National.

You can also lease the land for 30 years or more ideally and then once you have land you can build the house! You can find architects and building companies either here on Koh Phangan or from elsewhere in the Country.

Choosing the area of Koh Phangan which suits you best!
Different areas have different things and also very different feelings, you will want to consider your lifestyle when considering where you will place yourself when you live here.

Here you can read about the different areas and to which people they suit the best:

Haad Rin - Full Moon Party
Famous for the monthly party but it also has more to offer and the area just before it, on the hills, can be a nice place for Expats to live.

Thong Nai Pan and the East - Heritage and Nature
This part of the island is the quietest and sparsely populated side of Koh Phangan and it has some breathtaking views both on the coast and inland.

Thong Sala and Baan Tai - Lifestyle Central
Thong Sala, the main centre of Koh Phangan has grown into a thriving atmosphere full of wonderful Western and local bars and restaurants open both day and night. Baan Tai is now the main party area, hosting Jungle Experience, Waterfall Party, Half Moon and Loi Lay Floating Bar. It is a great place to be in the evening if you fancy a dance or a pub crawl.

Chaloklum - Fishing and Sea
This part of the island is famous for being the dive centre of the island. Chaloklum is the main village up this neck of the woods and it is full of different dive centres. Chaloklum is a lovely community which mixes well with the local Thai people.

Sri Thanu and Hin Kong - Health, Wellness and Yoga
Sri Thanu is famous for its yoga and spiritual schools and there is a certain 'calmness' in the air around this area. Along the coastline is Hin Kong, a really stunning coast with views across the ocean to Samui and some of the best sunset spots on the island.

We hope this helps you find your perfect home in the perfect spot for you on Koh Phangan, lets get you settled in with comfort and then in Part Five, once youre all cosy, well give you the low-down on some home truths and honesty about things you might have to deal with living on Koh Phangan.