What it’s REALLY like to live on Koh Phangan - Part One ‘The Fun Stuff’

12 Feb 2021

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Many people have the dream, it has to start somewhere. Sometimes it will begin after your first visit and maybe it will take a few, to think up the idea and plan that you want to make Koh Phangan your permanent home.

But what is it like to REALLY LIVE HERE, as an expat, a foreigner in a different Country. With different rules, culture, way of life and living, let’s look and talk about the things that no one else might tell you!

Firstly let’s look at the fun stuff before we get to the nitty gritty!

Lots of people will tell you one of the best feelings about living on Koh Phangan is more a sense of freedom than where they came from. With a more laid back lifestyle and the island vibes that this tropical paradise brings, living amongst the nature will of course make you feel more free.

Being Outdoors
The warm climate and beautiful surroundings of Phangan means that it is a lifestyle where you will enjoy spending a lot of your time outdoors. No being cooped up in crowded offices to work, constantly on public transport to travel, we all know that spending more time outdoors is good for us!

Inspiring people
As well as the friendly island Thai locals, Koh Phangan attracts people from all around the world who do all kinds of things. You are sure to meet and become friends with people that would have never crossed your path in your home Country.

Living Cost
As long as you have a good income then the living cost on Koh Phangan is more affordable than the Western world, however, be aware that the mainland of Thailand is cheaper than the islands like Phangan.

Hedonistic Lifestyle
As the island is famous for its parties, so comes with it a more alternative lifestyle which a lot of people like. It’s more free and easy, a place where you can dress in your own mad ways and not have to stick to strict timings as you would elsewhere. People are more accepting of a hedonistic way of life. This also rings true if you do not party, the island has a spiritual side which attracts yogis and wellness folks, sometimes it is a bit like going back to the hippy days.

Ok, so now you know it’s for you (who wouldn’t want to enjoy all of the above?) let's get into the details of what you need to know and how life could possibly be. It’s not always going to be easy but it could be worth it….

More information in Part Two, coming soon!