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Valentine's Day on Koh Phangan

14 Feb

Valentine's Day isn’t really a native celebration or holiday to Thailand but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been adopted by the people of this beautiful country.

Thai people really enjoy Valentine’s day and you’ll notice that most shops or attractions have gifts for sale of fat little heart displays for what is known as ‘Wan Valentine’.

Some of the community may enjoy all of the Western traditions of Valentine’s day such as presents, parties and even weddings but it is the younger, teenager population who have taken a real liking to it!

Although it is not so much of a culture here in Thailand to show public affection, you may see girls on the backs of mopeds clutching a fluffy toy gift from an admirer and there may be quieter more personal declarations of love between some.

Previously in Pattaya, couples gathered on Valentine’s day to break the world record for people hugging which is sweet and the way that in love couples talk to each other here is called ’Pak Wan’ like ‘sweet talk’.

So what will you do for Valentine’s Day here on Koh Phangan, are you one of those slushy couples or a proud single person.

There’s no doubt about it that Phangan is a romantic place, with or without a partner, you can still share moments with friends. If you think off the top of your head of one of the most stereotypical romantic spots then a beach at sunset will surely come out near the top! Koh Phangan has plenty of these, in fact it’s pretty famous for its sunsets and the beautiful soft white sandy beaches with palm tree shade add to the starry romance in the evening.

The great thing about Valentine’s day on Koh Phangan is that if you want, you can completely ignore it! Carry on with your trip just as normal and it’s not shoved down your throat and made to make you feel bad as if you were in your home country, there’s a lot to be said for being alone anyway especially when it’s on a paradise island.

Round up all your buddies from the hostel and go out for the day, or if you do feel the tugs of the heart strings for Valentine’s day why not get a little group together and do a ‘secret Santa’ but for Valentine’s day, then no one is left out!

As for you smug couples out there, enjoy a beautiful Valentine’s day on this tropical piece of heaven...

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