Best Pizzas on Koh Phangan

3 Jan 2016

Thai food is delicious of course but you may not want to eat it all of the time.

Maybe you miss some home comforts or want to treat yourself, everybody loves pizza!

You can share it with friends on a cosy night in, enjoy it in a lovely Italian restaurant with a glass of wine or let it soak up all the bottles of Leo beer and shots of tequila you had at the bar earlier in the night.


Brief History

In 1522, tomatoes were imported from South America to Italy for the first time. At first, tomatoes were considered to be toxic. Fortunately, in the 17th century, the weaker peasants of the area gradually resolved their reservations regarding tomatoes and started applying them to the bread dough, producing the first pizzas.  Mozzarella cheese was steadily gaining ground as the success of the tomato became universal. Only after water buffalo were introduced from India in the 7th century did Mozzarella become usable in Italy (mozzarella was first made with water buffalo milk). Its prominence developed quite slowly until the second half of the 18th century, but it was not until 1889 that cheese and tomatoes came together on a pizza.  In 1889, a pizza with mozzarella cheese and basil, ingredients bearing the colours of the Italian flag, was invented by an Italian tavern owner named Don Raffaele Esposito. He called it Margherita Pizza, after Margherita Teresa Giovanni, the Queen of Italy. Therefore the modern-day tomato-and-cheese pizza was born.

So where to go for pizza on Koh Phangan?

Best Pizza Koh Phangan


Monnalisa is proud of its typical Southern Italian cooking, mostly influenced by the Naples area, and the owners are Italian with a lot of Italian cuisine experience, so you know that the recipes are authentic and honestly created. You can find them in Haad Rin and also Thong Sala.



Fabio's restaurant has been serving amazing Italian food since 2007. The menu takes influence from the most traditional Italian culture which contains just a single tradition that the dishes be cooked on the spot, the pizza is very authentic.



Based in Thong Sala opposite Big C, Basilico is a sweet small restaurant with great pizza. Very tasty with delicious dough.


Food Factory

Food Factory in Thong Sala is a great place to grab a pizza or take one away. They are always delicious and the cheese melts all nice and gooey, perfect hangover food or for those times when you want to indulge yourself in some comfort. Pizzas are made in a romantic way in a wood-fired oven and there is a wide choice of toppings.

Food Factory Koh Phangan

LOCCOs PizzaBar

A lovely location in Haad Yao where you can also enjoy live music and events with your pizza. All made with love in a beautiful atmosphere.


Romanzo Tropicale

If you want to enjoy a sunset with your pizza then this is the best place to come, situated in Kong with beautiful views. The staff work to give you a truly traditional Italian experience and select the best imported and local products to recreate the flavours of Italy.


Pizza Luna

Sourdough pizzas with authentic imported Italian bread and cheese. They also make delicious vegan pizza! Located in Phangan Food Court.



In the heart of Thong Sala, they use a wood oven and serve large pizzas with Italian produce.

Pizza Oven Koh Phangan

Cucina Elementare

Located on the west coast near Sri Thanu Cucina Elementare has a cosy atmosphere for you to enjoy pizza and other Italian dishes.


Cucina Italiana

In beautiful Chaloklum with a passionate Italian chef, they serve delicious rustic pizzas.


Milky Bay

As well as offering a lovely variety of food, Milky Bay have amazing pizzas which you can enjoy in their nice beachside restaurant. Located in Baan Tai

Infinity Beach Club

Not just a great pizza but a beautiful atmosphere in tropical surroundings. Their pizzas are made from top-quality ingredients, have a nice crispy yet doughy base and the chef is not shy when it comes to toppings. We like the four cheese pizza.

We are open to more suggestions of great pizza places as we surely missed some out, send them to us with a sentence of why they are good and we will keep this list updated!