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Best Pizzas on Koh Phangan

3 Jan 2016

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Thai food is delicious of course but you may not want to eat it all of the time.

Maybe you miss some home comforts or want to treat yourself, everybody loves pizza!

You can share it with friends on a cozy night in, enjoy it in a lovely italian restaurant with a glass of wine or let it soak up all the bottles of Leo beer and shots of tequila you had at the bar earlier in the night.

So where to go for pizza on Koh Phangan?

With the help of you lovely Phanganists we have compiled the best of the best of the best!

Pizzeria Ale in Ban Tai
This place is more than just pizza, it’s an experience. This is where you go to hear ‘what’s going on on the island’ and to meet the locals that always pop in.
The owner Alek, ‘Rasta Alek’ as we like to call him is a well known and much loved figure on the island.

Italian through and through, you will get big love with a pinch of Trance from this genuine man with a huge heart.

Mr Pizza aka Pizza Wood Fired Oven in Thong Sala
Mr Pizza can be found next to Tesco Lotus, right in the central hub of all things. Owned by a very sweet thai couple that will always give you the sweetest service and a big dash of ‘Kapoom’ to all of their customers.
The pizza is thin, crispy and delicious. Good for people who want a good tasting pizza but are on a bit more of a lower travel budget.


On the the island since 2001, Fellini’s personal style of stone cooked thin crust pizzas are a standard of the island. A nice and very green 'al fresco' area and an interesting collection of large photographs of the wild butterflies of Koh Phangan.

Chicken Corner aka Mama Shnitzel

Always open and worth a mention because it is very fast and always busy. It has been popular for many years and it’s always full. Really good for those drunken full moon munchies.
Although this is an article about pizza, we thought we should share with you what Mama Shnitzel is famous for, it's shnitzel of course! Probably a common diet consumed on Phangan.

Infinity Beach Club
Not just a great pizza but a beautiful atmosphere in tropical surroundings. Their pizzas are made from top quality ingredients, have a nice crispy yet doughy base and chef Lucas is not shy when it comes to toppings. We like the four cheese pizza.

We are open to more suggestions of great pizza places as we surely missed some out, send them to us and we will keep this list updated!