We ask experts, how will the Digital Nomad Industry be affected?

7 Jul 2022

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In these uncertain times of COVID could there be a rise in digital nomads? Certainly, most cannot travel as they did but more people are choosing to work online from a remote location to their work’s base or for themselves.

We asked others in the industry what they think.

Mandala Traveler

“I think the digital nomad trend will continue to grow despite coronavirus. The fewer people can travel, the more they’ll be drawn to the “wanderlust” they get from those beautiful social feeds that digital nomads share. Plus, digital nomads can work from wherever they want, so they can pick and choose which cities to visit and quarantine themselves as they see fit. They’re already used to that lifestyle, and their social influence will be more in demand than ever as travel companies use them to promote products and destinations”.

Life Adventures with Vanessa

“I do not think that the industry of digital nomads will be affected in a negative way. I think there might be a bigger growth with so many people at home and they are getting used to working from home. Once people figure out that you can travel and work, at the same time, it will change more perspectives and there might be a higher amount of people trying to get into the industry”.


“If someone loves something, he/she/it will always find a way to continue pursuing their dreams and passions. In my view, the travel industry might need some time to recover because many people will be afraid to travel or they will be in financial crises. I believe domestic tourism will be booming in almost every country”.

Trips of a Lifetime

“There will likely be another growth in the number of digital nomads during and post COVID-19, as those that unfortunately found themselves out of work during the pandemic and those that would prefer to work from home, will be intrigued by the possibility of earning a living without ties to a specific location.  Digital Nomads that specifically focus on the travel and tourism industry may find it difficult to promote travel during a global pandemic, and will need to shift their focus to specific locations/activities that people are able to do, as well as update and shift their messaging as the state of the industry changes in order to stay relevant”.

Sara Essop

“Digital nomads who are constantly on the move have found themselves stranded indefinitely. However they are already adapted to working remotely, so they are at an advantage. Those who are in the travel blogging industry though, are more likely to look for alternative sources of income. And prospective digital nomads may be discouraged from following this path”.

Nicole Stepping Out

“Digital nomads are a creative group and will find a way to grow their business regardless of the coronavirus. I think it would probably grow exponentially as there has been a shift to online platforms due to the pandemic, so I feel this industry will flourish”.


“People are seeing that they do not need to be in an office to do the work. We see a bigger boom of this happening as more people get comfortable working from “home”.
People are looking for work that can allow them to travel. A lot of people we have talked to are taking time to reassess what matters to them and with that, how much time they were spent in an office”.