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Famously Frayling's Alyssa - Digital Nomad's will rise after Corona

10 Nov 2020

Alyssa is the woman behind a new up and coming blog called Famously Frayling. She writes content about her life experiences which include travel, moving abroad, food, daily life, and much more!

“My goal is to travel the world and collaborate and support many brands and other companies”. 

Alyssa always had an interest in travelling which came from moving a lot as a child. The moment she truly fell in love with travelling when she went to Belize for a mission trip.

"I believe it is important to travel and educate ourselves in other cultures. I started travel writing to share my experiences and other cultures with those that do not have the means to travel as much". 

Famously Frayling's Alyssa
Famously Frayling's Alyssa

Famously Frayling was set up to share experiences with others around the world.
Originally from the United States now living in the U.K. Alyssa is engaged to a wonderful English man who's Surname is Frayling meaning this is Alyssa's soon to be surname too!

"We love sharing our crazy stories about our lives and adventures. Plus it is always important to share positivity with others". 

Alyssa stayed in the U.K. for the most part of the COVID lockdown after she was fortunate to get back home there from briefly visiting the States before everything was locked down. Commenting on being fortunate to have amazing weather during lockdown Alyssa has spent most of her days outside with her Fiance.

"We have been gardening, playing with the kids in the family, spending time with our family, going on long walks in the countryside, and much more. I have also started my blog in lockdown and have been working on it consistently". 

Famously Frayling's Alyssa

The impact on travel has affected Alyssa's work but also the whole family as her mother is a flight attendant and had to take time off of her job. Alyssa states she was too afraid to travel (mostly walking through the airport).

"It was hard for me to catch a flight back to England as so many flights and airports were shut down. I got back home three days before every flight had stopped to the U.K. Since being back I haven’t left the house much. Unfortunately, we had to push back our wedding date as the venue wouldn’t be opened in time for the date. That’s just part of life though". 

Famously Frayling's Alyssa

The world of Digital Nomads grew significantly in the years before COVID and Alyssa has seen the obvious effect there has been on the industry. However, she believes it will come back stronger and better than ever.

"I believe there will also be a rise in digital nomads because some people feel it is better to work on your own terms". 

Famously Frayling's Alyssa

For the last two years, Alyssa has been living between the US and the UK with a desire to expand this lifestyle across the globe. "My goal is to visit several places for an extended time while learning about new cultures and meeting new people". 

Luckily she has found this quite affordable as she has family in both countries and could save on accommodation. Her hopes are to save up and travel across Asia for a good amount of time in the near future. 

Famously Frayling's Alyssa

The advice Alyssa would give is for everyone to stay positive and that things will get back to normal again. Also, everyone in the travel industry should keep themselves safe and do not lose hope when travelling again. 

And where would she recommend to visit once we can do this? London, England for those that love the city and The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina in the United States for those that love a bit more wilderness.