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A day in the office with Nischala - Phanganist Travel Blogger

9 May 2014

"Hello there! 
Just wanted to say hi n check in with you. I have an idea for an article I wanted to write for your magazine.
Im on the island another few weeks n would love to connect with you if you have time".

Thats how it began ..

"Always welcome" - was the response ofcourse, - "with pleasure, come by anytime!"

"Lovely,  ill come by office some time after 14...

 See you later alligator."

Little did she know and even more had we nearly forgot, - that this was also a photo shooting day for the DocumentARI crew.
Even so, this day became her first report for Phanganist.

Just another day in the office ... 

Spontaneously the Phanganist office  became a creative boiling pot of dancers, artists, filmmakers, and international chill vibes today.

Under the vison of Ari Denaros concept to illustrate the evolution of many party subculture styles for some epic images.

Drawing from the diverse worlds of fetish, cyber punk, psy trance, diesel punk, tribal fusion, belly dance, and a unique blast of Koh Phangan flavor.

The renowned body art skills of Queen Luana Art became the unifying thread to help blend these diffrent styles together.

She has been painting the luckiest party goers on the island and internationaly with her own psychedelic elegance. 

The body painting for this shoot was  inspired by Thai Protection tattoos which Queen Luana was able to interpret into multi colored body sprawling blessings.

An exotic array of dancers were selected to model the Koh Phangan creations of fashion designer Carelle, who has been making one of a kind party pieces and professional belly dance wear exclusively on the island.

To top off the funky fashions, Olivers Alien Twist Hair added the the latest cutting edge jungle hair styles to bring the Tribal Amazon Warriors to life!


For more information on Ari Denaro, Queen Luana Art, Carelle or Olivers Alien Twist  Hair Creations visit their personal websites to get your own party style dailed in.:
djari.tv, facebook.com/leo.carelle, OliversTwistHair.


Enjoy the island, and let your freak flag fly!

Namaste, Nischala.