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Life Adventures with Vanessa - less popular destinations might get more visitors

30 Jun 2020

Life Adventures with Vanessa is about travel, she writes about the places she has been to and gives recommendations to what you can do or expect from the cities/festivities. In the future, Vanessa hopes to add some lifestyle information.

“When it comes to my blogs, I am as honest as I can be. I would like to be the type of brand that people can look into and find great stories and/or great recommendations”.

Life Adventures with Vanessa
Life Adventures with Vanessa

Vanessa’s interest in travelling comes from the feeling of being free and being open to new experiences and new cultures.
She always enjoyed family trips but had also wanted to travel outside of her city.

“My interest in travel writing comes from the enjoyment of reminiscing, storytelling, and experiencing new places through different people”.

Life Adventures with Vanessa

It was also a way to practice her writing, which she has always enjoyed but did not at first know what to write about. Travel gave Vanessa the chance to keep some sort of journal for herself to remember trips and to help people whenever she could.

“If I could help at least one person with any of my posts, that would be amazing”.

Life Adventures with Vanessa

When it came down to thinking of a name for her blog Vanessa found this difficult, since she feels a little uncreative at times. She eventually came up with the name by thinking of possible words to describe what travelling is to herself and that was ‘adventures’ and ‘life

During this time of COVID Lockdown Vanessa has been at home in California keeping herself busy with work, working on bettering herself and researching new places to go to once we are safely able to without any restrictions.

Vanessa believes that more people are taking up travelling in general even though at the moment, because of COVID-19, it makes it seem like there will be fewer crowds in popular attractions.

“I believe people will still be travelling, but there might be fewer people with the current situation. I also believe that less popular destinations might get more visitors”.

Life Adventures with Vanessa

Her advice to others in the travel industry is to “keep doing what you are doing and don’t listen to the people that try to hold you back when it comes to your dreams”. Noticing that the travel scene has always been popular, she thinks it is increasing more and more each year.

Vanessa’s recommended place to visit? Barcelona is one of my top destinations to recommend to people. It has something for everyone.