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The Story of PAC - Phangan Animal Care

7 Apr 2011

 (by Jamie Maxwell)

PhaNgan Animal Care (PAC) is a small team that travel the island providing nursing care to stray and temple animals.

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PAC was started in September 2001 by Dr Shevaun Gallwey – an Irish veterinarian who lives in Hong Kong and continues to keep the clinic staffed, equipped, financed and up to date with the latest clinical techniques.  
While visiting the island for a 3 month stay in 2001, Shevaun provided free care for the native island animals around her.
When leaving, the locals petitioned her to provide more permanent help.
As there was no local veterinarian available, and many of the animals did not have owners to bring them to Koh Samui, Shevaun agreed to open a non-profit clinic to provide basic care for the common problems seen in the island’s animals – especially those without owners.
Since the opening of two resident vets on the island PAC can now soley concentrate on treating temple and stray animals.
Nurses – PAC is run by two veterinary nurses. 
Manager & Volunteers 
PAC’s goals have been:
-        eradication of transmissible venereal tumours
-        development of a Rabies vaccination programme
-        population control so that yearly poisoning could be stopped
-        treatment of wounds and skin problems, injuries and illnesses
-        disease control
        – imported puppies from the mainland bring killer viruses such as parvo virus and distemper virus
-        to teach about animal welfare 
The clinic running costs are partly covered through local donations in return for treatment.  However,  recently donations to PAC have been less than the running costs.  Therefore, if this situation continues its only a matter of time before PAC closes.  New sources of revenue are being sought from the local community, international tourists and overseas funding but global financial issues are hampering efforts.  Recent work with the Government in administering their rabies program may lead to some from the local administration.
Jamie Maxwell
Practice Manager
PhaNgan Animal Care
PO Box 70, Thong Sala
Koh PhaNgan, Suratthani 84280
 +66 (08) 9 8757513  (mobile)
To learn more about our work, please visit our website at PAC Koh Phangan
pac animal care koh phangan dontation volunteer
pac animal care koh phangan dontation volunteer