Phuket will be open to restricted international tourism starting October 1st

22 Aug 2020

In an unexpected development, Thailand's Tourism Authority Governor told Reuters that as of October 1st, tourists who would like to enjoy a long-stay holiday on Phuket's southern resorts would be allowed into the province.

The announcement comes with restrictions: tourists will be limited to stay in a unique quarantine system, they will be allowed to move within a 1-kilometer radius of their hotel, with some instances allowing them entry to the beach.

Each tourist would be required to pass two Covid-19 tests during the required 14-day quarantine.

Tourists will be able to travel inside Phuket after the 14 days. They would be allowed to travel around the kingdom after a further week and another test.

The news will imply that Phuket will be a gateway through which the hundreds of thousands of foreigners stuck outside of Thailand since the end of March will gain entry.

That includes foreigners who, until now, have not been allowed or able to receive entry certificates since entry requirements were increased in May.

As of October, the growth is expected to push a significant amount of tourists to Phuket, leading to what many foreigners are hoping for: secure and reasonable entry to Thailand.

There has also been discussion about the "safe and sealed" scheme to encourage restricted tourism, but an announcement is not planned before September. 

Source: Thaiger