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Phanganist Magazine What is it?

15 Mar

Phanganist Magazine. What is it about, you ask? )) 

What it is about? Let's see with time.
Right now it is;
Phangan Fun, News and Events Daily Updated!! Guides to Phangan areas and beaches and most famous locations! Check for Restaurants, shops and stores. Check our handy Party calendar! Book your flight, bus or train with us. Read about Koh Phangan every day in our daily article or follow our writers on their roundabout Phangan! Galleries from most of the parties and videos and interviews with the local community and surroundings!!
It is over-all news and events on Koh Phangan! Get the app for Android and always have the information at your fingertip!!
It is tickets and tour passes!
It is booking hostel or guesthouse!
It is saving time, energy & money on travelling to Koh Phangan! It is your best holiday assistance!! 
As for now we just try to be a space to gather all the doings of and on this island.
A way to collect and present it in an organized as possible order, the creations and thoughts of the people who live in Koh Phangan. Doing that we hope to give you - our readers additional knowledge about the island, the kind of knowledge which is a bit hard to find in other sources, the usual and the unusual perspective, and maybe also a way to learn and know more about us the community who chose to live in Koh-Phangan.
Most of all we wish you will have some joyful moments visiting Phangan - ain't it all that matters?

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