Joakim on Flowjob

12 Feb 2021

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Absolutely Thank you for making this with us!
FlowJob, more than 10 years of Trance!!

The Half Moon is still wobeling on Progressive Cripsy Morning Legs reaching for your next performance!
Snack Tracks Morning Served by FlowJob. Thank You!

Maybe you feel like telling a bit about your Musical Life as a small introduction?

Yep.. I started Flowjob in early 2001 after been lisenting to Trance and other Electronic music since 1993.

Acts like Eat Static and Juno reactor, gave me the introduction to the world of electronic dance music.

So, I bought my first Synthesizer and PC and shortly after I had a few releases on Iboga plus more.

In 2003 my good friend and former band member Mads joined forces..
We grew up together and used to play in a metal band together as well..
We made our first album together (Support Normality) plus releases on various compilations and started to play around the world on various clubs/Festivals.

Being the Nosy Reporters we can be at Phanganist we went down in the stacks of Tracks and retrieved the Review from their very first album.

The Review from PsyNews told us:

Despite releases on high profile labels like Iboga, Tribal Vision, Plastik Park (as Justice Unlimited), Midijum and Love Sonic Disco, Joakim Hjørne and Mads Thinggaard's Flowjob-project must still be considered a relatively unknown progressive Trance act on the worldwide scene.
If all goes well, that is about to change in 2006 after signing an album-deal with Denmarks most prominent label, Iboga Records.
The album is called "Support Normality", and could well be Flowjobs big breakthrough on the worldwide progressive scene.

- and so it was! 

In 2008 we released our 2nd album “Zentertainment” which was a bit less House and more straight forward happy go lucky Trance.

We Continued the touring and stuff and in late 2009 Mads left the project.
He got a serious back injury that prevented him from long flights and sit down studio sessions, so now I am alone in the project, we are still best friends. 

After some single releases I released “Sway” in 2011.

Right now I am working on the 4th album where you will see a bit more darkish side of me but there will also be some Funky uplifting tunes.

 .. and the second track released in January 2013, "Turn of Events"

I am very clear about what I want to do this time.
Not so focussed about what others think anymore.
I am more interested in the new wawe of Psy Trance coming up now than the Clubby of beat stuff.

My bpm will go up (137-140) but it will be soft sounds, rolling basslines, tweaky fx, back to the roots kind of stuff.

Phanganist met up with Joakim at the Half Moon festival where he came to play the early morning tunes.
Phangan and The Half Moon festival were very lucky with this Flowjob treat.
He was not suppose to drop by the Phangan Family but to our Luck he did.
In the last hours before returning to Denmark he Round About'ed Phangan and the Half Moon Decks!!

With wife and 2 kids waiting and packing the bags for their return to home he Boogied the Half Moon floor into a new Bright Day.
A super Tasty - yummi eatable Progressive Flow Job!
While the morning sun shined in on the Happy Hippies on the dance floor and Joakims Harmonic Beats faded out after a Crispy Morning Performence, we went up to say hello and good bye!

A small talk on the Bench and a few ballons after, I knew that Joakims voice can sound like a robot.In the same bench session I also gathered the feeling that Russian People Rock!

"Anybody who thinks something else don’t know what they are talking about." is his wise words about that!
"The Airlounge guys from Russia brough me here to play on Ban Tai Hill at their place and I brought my family with me.
The Airlounge party was amazing. I played a 3.5 hour live set, people there were so nice." 

It was while he was there that he got in touch with Jao ( Half Moon ) and they agreed on a FlowJob for the Half Moon Morning as well -  "which was such a treat, great stuff." he said.
I guess that is what we can call a "Win Win" situation then. We were also very happy to see you there too !!!

He was on Koh Pha Ngan in 2001 and have a lot of friends staying here every winter so he is not full new to the Island and we would love to see him back here some more!

half moon dj party phangan joakim flowjob jaoWhat is the best thing you ever been involved with or done?
The best thing I have ever been involved in, is my family.
I have 2 kids and a beautiful wife.

The second best thing is my music project that allows me to see the world while playing the music I love to make.
I love travelling and I love music, so.

Which music did you bring in your record bag for Phangan?
I don’t play dj sets, but I listen to a lot of different stuff.

In Electronics I very much like the style being played at Fusion/Berlin at the moment. 
I Love the way acts like Andhim, Oliver Koletski etc use old instruments like accordions etc to make tekno/House with.

Electronic music has always been futuristic in its expression in a way.
Its very refreshing  that you know have a style that takes inspiration from Folk music and music from before modern times.

That’s the new magic, seriously Funky stuff coming out that way at the moment.
But I still love Trance as well of course, otherwise I wouldn’t make it.

Is it different from what you would play in Denmark?
All gigs are different from eachother and there are similarities as well..

I don’t play a lot in Denmark eventhough I am from here.
I play just as much in countries far away.

Denmark has been going through a rough phase with a lot of bullshit Hells Angels kind of people at the parties but it is slowly changing with the new generation, so light ahead!!

I like a lot of the scenes around.

joakim flowjob half moon dj party phangan
One of the best ones is Australia I think but you find magic even at the smallest places that you wouldn’t think.

Koh Pha Ngan is defiantly a hot spot too.
You feel the energy around that people are not going to work the next Monday after the party.
People are either on vacation or travelling and that makes a free atmosphere that is unique.

Koh pha Ngan is a good place for all Electronic music.
Its like a miniature version of the European scene in tropic landscape.
All the scenes from Europe and other places are here and is making their various parties.
Its lovely.

What are your next projects?
My next project is my 4th album and I have gigs coming up in Germany, Hungary etc.

I am also working with TV music now, been making some show music for EuroVision Danish edition and the Eurpean Foot ball cuo (Danish Edition).
That’s fun and is a good extra income.
They make me wanna do more or less what I want, so Flowjob is now rotating in various shows on Danish National TV.
Some would call it sell out, I wont, the more people who listens to it, the better.

He see himself nearly as the same in 10 years. "it is JUST 10 years" he says and laugh!
Since he likes Koh Pha Ngan he sees no reason why he wouldn't come back here. Actually he even say" I will come back for SURE"

Joakim's dream is of course to continue to live from music .... - but first Hope of everything is that his family will stay safe and healthy!

If you were a Magician which Dreams would you fulfil right now?
Security about life after death ;)

What makes you laugh?
I love to tweak around with funny sentences phrases.
And luckily my wife does as well, we can use hours of reinventing language.
Many of my titles in tracks comes from that kind of sessions.

My kids surely and generally funny stuff.
joakim flowjob half moon dj party phangan

If you were your own mother what would you tell yourself?
Take care, live healthy all that shit, moms are right after all. I do live a lot more healthy also after I made family.

I swim every day, and eat pretty healthy food, and don’t  smoke cigarettes and bad drugs
( not that I am a saint I love some stuff, but not the really bad stuff)

What is the strangest question anyone ever asked you?
I am not sure, but you guys sure are close…hahaha

What is your life philosophy?

I never fittet it into one sentence.
It changes from day to day.
You get a part of the picture if you read my answers above.

Peace ..


Good Luck Further to Jokke & Family !!

Thank you and catch you soon on the decks for more progressive Flow!









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