Eden Garden


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Eden Garden on The Rocks!

Beautiful location on the Rocks above the Sea.

Stunning view with swimming possibilities from the little bar.

eden garden party tech house party phangan
Every Saturday After Party from the Guys Bar Friday Party. Ambient, Chill Tech House, Funky vibes & other Day Time Snacks served by DJ's like David Chong or Peter G

All Night Progressive Tech House Beats with a Twist!

Don’t forget the Sweet Saturday After Party at Eden Garden!

Always on melodic beats and harmonic tunes Eden Garden is consistently Rocking Happy Hippies every Saturday after Guys Bar party Friday!

Eden Garden on the Rocks with the astonishing sea view and privacy that can be hard to find anywhere else at any party!

A special place in the middle of nowhere – a few Rock walks from Had Tian Sanctuary – a place that Projects that NOWHERE IS NOW HERE and you came here to After Party and Sweetly Rock on the Rocks untill your body can dance no more and all you want is sit down and enjoy the music in the stunning surroundings of nature and music!

You are always more than welcome to stay on this side and rent a bungalow to enjoy the private settings a few days more!

The sanctuary is right around the corner should you feel to be healthy!

A Sweet & Special bar and Lounge in Haad Yuan, 10 min. from Had Tian Sanctuary, north of Haad Rin. You can access the place by taking a boat from Haad Rin beach for the cost of about 150 Baht or a taxi from Ban Tai 7 11.
A party mostly occur every Saturday & Tuesday and often playing Tech house or Lounge music.