Recommended Meditation Retreats in Northern Thailand

22 May 2023

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You've undoubtedly heard of all the benefits meditation provides. Learning how to harness this ancient practice can change your life. It brings peace and tranquility to the most stressful situations.

However, it is often hard to learn how to meditate amid the modern daily life full of work responsibilities, family care and other societal demands. That's why meditation retreats are so amazing. They are the perfect opportunity to truly harness the powers of meditation.

These unique programs are situated in environments that enhance your mind-body connection, making it easy to grasp the technique. You must take advantage of this chance to elevate your spirit and learn how to face the most chaotic situations with the calmness of a monk.


The Benefits of Meditation

Mental exhaustion, overwork, and stress commonly contribute to burnout and depression. Conversely, meditation has been shown to be beneficial for a wide variety of health problems, including the reduction of anxiety, the avoidance of stress, and an overall enhancement of quality of life. The training in the East is so practical that the West has adopted it.

Evidence from various fields suggests that meditative practices have physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits. Thus, it will affect cardiovascular issues, burnout, high blood pressure, the immune system, and the body's natural healing mechanisms. Permanently, they improve one's outlook on life by altering one's brain's structure, fostering greater focus and awareness.

"Effortless lingering in what is" is what Buddhist meditation aims to achieve. Meditation plays a significant role in Buddhist practice. Samatha and Vipassana are the two main types of meditation practiced in Thailand. The former helps one gain perspective, while the latter promotes serenity.

Insights and outcomes you can hope for through meditating:

  • White Thai robes are worn for meditation (often provided).
  • The back is straight, and the shoulders at ease in this seated position.
  • You will breathe through the nose calmly and naturally.
  • The thumbs of both hands should be touching, so the left hand should be cupped in the right.
  • It takes effort and experience to achieve a facial expression of calm and easy facial expression.
  • During meditation, the eyes are half-closed and directed downward; however, full eye closure is also an option.
  • Both the mind and body need to be calm.
  • Accepting your thoughts for what they are, rather than trying to get rid of them, is at the heart of meditation. They float in and out to provide mental breathing room. Some effort and time are required, but success is possible.


Recommended Meditation Programs in Northern Thailand


5 Day Recharging Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Chiang Mai

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and embark on a luxurious and culturally rich retreat at Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort – A Vegan Retreat.

This unique design hotel offers a serene environment to find inner peace and mental strength. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Lanna culture and the historic highlights of Chiang Mai, including nearby temples and the famous Thapae Gate. The 5-day yoga and meditation retreat provides a well-structured itinerary for rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Enjoy daily yoga and meditation sessions, indulge in delicious vegan meals, and engage in activities like Thai massage, a Thai dessert cooking class, and a Tuk Tuk tour of the old city.

The retreat allows for ample free time to relax and explore the surroundings. Depart feeling refreshed, relaxed, and inspired by the tranquility and luxury of this exceptional retreat experience.

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4 Day Yoga & Meditation Homestay Retreat

Chiang Mai

Join the Homestay Retreats for an authentic and immersive yoga and meditation experience in a light-hearted and fun environment. This retreat offers the perfect opportunity to unplug, slow down, and reconnect with nature. You'll have dedicated time to focus on your yoga practice, inner awareness, and personal well-being. The retreat stands out for its warm family atmosphere, presence of loving animals, and a variety of daily group activities and excursions.

Engage in both active and relaxing forms of yoga, explore mindfulness and meditation, and participate in activities like vegetarian cooking classes, visits to an elephant sanctuary, ice baths, waterfall excursions, massages, mandala artwork, and more. The program allows flexibility, with guests being able to start their retreat on any day.

Enjoy guided meditations, rejuvenating yoga sessions, healthy meals made with organic and locally sourced ingredients, and a range of vegetarian and vegan options catering to special dietary needs. Immerse yourself in a nurturing and enjoyable retreat experience surrounded by natural beauty.

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15-Day Life Balance Meditation and Qigong Retreat

Pai, Mae Hong Son

Learn the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong and meditation to quiet your thoughts, improve your health, and restore your energy. This is not like any other program out there. It takes on the challenges of contemporary Western culture by using the arts, philosophy, and knowledge amassed by many generations of Chinese Masters. It mends the whole individual, including the intellect, will, spirit, emotions, self-assurance, focus, and power. It's a rigorous program for people committed to realizing their greatest potential.

Each day consists of the following:

Tong Ling Qigong

Many people are generally aware that Qigong and meditation can improve health and increase longevity, but they are unsure how exactly these practices operate. In a nutshell: 
Chi (or Qi) travels in a 24-hour cycle throughout the body, primarily but not exclusively via a network of channels known as meridians and vessels. Tan tiens are energy centers or reservoirs in which chi is kept. The earth (yin chi) and the sky (yang chi) are the two primary locations from which chi is drawn (yang chi). Maintaining a healthy balance between yin and yang in your body's chi is essential to your well-being.

Effective, unimpeded chi circulation results from opening the meridians with stretching exercises and directing chi via them. By constantly replenishing our chi, we can maintain a healthy equilibrium between yin and yang by tapping into the earth's energy and the sky. Releasing stagnant or surplus chi keeps your chi robust and healthy. By definition, Qigong is a practice requiring little equipment or training but yields astounding results. It is accessible to people of all ages and levels of physical ability. A qualified trainer and access to clean outside spaces with fresh air are fundamental necessities.

Sun Frost White Crane Tai Chi

This is the white crane art's inner form, commonly referred to as "Shuang Yang" (sun frost). It is carried out slowly and relaxingly, freeing up blocked chi in the meridians, stretching and strengthening the ligaments and tendons, and massaging the interior organs. This kind of Tai Chi looks a lot like traditional Tai Chi; however, it comes from the Buddhist Shaolin lineage rather than the Taoist Wutan tradition.

The health, vigor, and longevity benefits of the Shuang Yang are a primary draw for those who take up the practice. Even though the training is slower and less intense than in other martial arts, there is no doubt that this is a legitimate form of self-defense.

The body's center of gravity is lowered, and motion is generated there, spreading to the limbs like water waves. The body's tendons become one highly robust and elastic network through regular exercise.

The complete body is used in every action. Shuang Yang practice builds strength and promotes the flow of chi by slowly and rhythmically stretching and releasing the body's tendons. Strengthening muscles, which we rarely use, is a side effect of practicing Shuang Yang since it requires a lot of torso bending and twisting, opening the meridians and energizing the tendons.

When done correctly, it also cleans and dries the internal organs, moves fluids along their paths, and manipulates the spine's joints to maintain them mobile and support the body's overall health. The practice of Shuang Yang is akin to "moving meditation" because it is carried out in a state of deep concentration. The chi must be sunk, the intellect stilled, and the breath taken from the abdominal cavity. Health, energy, and the effects of aging are all considerably reduced via consistent practice.

Meditation, Relaxation, and Self-Massage

Meditation techniques such as mindfulness, awareness, Chi energy circulation, guidance, strengthening, self-healing visualization, and manifestation are all a part of the curriculum. It quiets the mind's chatter so you can concentrate. As a result, students strive to develop into self-disciplined, productive citizens who can contribute to the greater good.

Bodhidharma’s Vein Tendon Qigong

Vein Tendon Qigong is a straightforward method that has been shown to have significant health benefits, including toning the fascia throughout the body and increasing its suppleness so that it can be used as a reservoir for kinetic energy. In addition, it's a simple system that relies on breathing in the opposite direction of the organs to strengthen the body's natural resistance to harm and increase the individual's overall vitality level.

Keeping up with your Sun Frost White Crane Tai Chi training. Together, you and your partner may improve your sense of touch and connection, stability, and grounding with an exercise called "pushing hands." Tuesdays are reserved for a journey to Mae Kong Temple, where a unique meditation experience awaits.

Deep Stretching Session

After a brief physical warming up, you will dive headfirst into a vigorous stretching exercise, mainly focusing on the hips and spine. The hip area, in particular, benefits from this because it opens the meridian channels and frees up negative energy, memories, and feelings imprisoned in the fascia. In addition, it helps us maintain a more confident and comfortable stance, which profoundly affects our prevailing feelings and dispositions.


The Pai Valley is a stunningly beautiful part of the world. Located high in the mountains, it represents the ideal Kung Fu training environment: clean, unpolluted air and breathtaking scenery far from the hustle and bustle of cities and the pollution it brings. In addition, the farmland around Pai makes it simple to grow and cook healthy, natural food, allowing you to consume the kind of diet that best supports your training.

The Chinese believe this region has the best chi in the world. It originates on the Tibetan plateau in the Himalayas and makes its way southward toward the lowlands. Therefore, it is ideal for training in Kung Fu and Chi Kung.

The town of Pai is impressive, and its culture is quite remarkable. Due to its convenient location and wide range of services, it attracts many visitors. Getting by in English is a breeze. The town is so fun that its inhabitants always wish to remain longer.

The retreat spans two acres of land on a steep spur, with views across the Pai river valley to mountains that ascend slowly to the majestic Himalayas.
When you first start your training in the morning, the mountains are usually shrouded in mist, but this dissipates as the sun rises. Indeed, many visitors come just to witness the sunrises. Following the principles of Chinese Feng Shui, the school was designed in the indigenous Shan style of architecture.
All the retreat rooms are designed so guests can step out onto the deck or patio and immediately take in the breathtaking scenery. Most of their students have commented that the photographs do not do justice to the experience.


Every accommodation boasts a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains and a private, covered balcony where you can take in the scenery and the crisp mountain air. They're conveniently located close to the training facilities and dining hall. Both private and communal rooms are available, and each has its bathroom. Two people can sleep in a shared room.

Training Areas

It has two sizable practice spaces. Both locations have spectacular views. One is an outdoor space, great for practicing chi kung in the morning. The other has a mat floor and a roof but no walls so that air can flow freely inside. Everything a dedicated kung fu learner could want is included in this training zone; it is in no way like a hotel fitness center.

Food and Other Amenities

Healing herbs are used to prepare delicious and nutritious meals at their restaurant. In addition, there is a coffee and tea maker available. Also provided are books, laundry facilities, a line to dry your clothing and strong Wi-Fi for video chats with family and live streams.

All the food you eat here is fresh and wholesome because it comes from the gardens and the orchards. They are expert herb growers. Their gardens may not be able to provide for all of your dietary needs, but you may help the low-income farmers in the hill-tribe settlements by purchasing food from them at fair market prices.

There is also an office and a prayer house where visitors can meditate or pray.

This training is accessible year-round. Start dates are flexible; however, the retreat organizers recommend beginning on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

(They also have 4-day and one-month programs)

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4-Day Mindful Speech Meditation Retreat

Maha Sarakham, Thailand

This four-day Mindful Speech meditation retreat will relieve all of your stress. Come to The Orchid Resort for a rejuvenating break with a 4-day Mindful Speech meditation retreat. Relax and enjoy some downtime. Benefit from regular meditation practice. A haven for those who need to get away from their ordinary lives and relax to refuel. Experience a Buddhist Pindabat, a ceremony of energy field purification with holy water, by participating in this retreat. Study the fundamentals of Samatha and Anapana meditation and the use of singing bowls in this introductory course.

Mindful Speech Meditation Practice

The resort's sanctuary (Sala) is where the three daily meditation sessions take place, and the resort's qualified instructors lead the sessions in Pali, English, French, and Thai. Staff members are available for all classes who speak German, Thai, French, and English. Breakfast and lunch are provided on a food plan, and a detox unit can be added to the meditation classes if necessary.

Accommodation and Extra Facilities

All the VIP apartments in the bamboo cabanas have private terraces and are attractively decorated. Despite their unique, rustic decor, each room has modern conveniences, including satellite TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a computer desk.

In addition to its hot tub, outdoor pool, meditation temple, and children's playground, The Orchid Resort & Relax also features a spa pavilion where guests can enjoy traditional massages and other spa treatments. Rentable scooters are available at the resort as well.

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7-Day Mindful Speech Meditation Retreat Including a Buddhist Pilgrimage

Maha Sarakham, Thailand

Join us for a relaxing week of Mindful Speech meditation and let all your worries melt away. Come to The Orchid Resort for a rejuvenating 7-day Mindful Speech meditation retreat. Relax and enjoy some downtime. Benefit from regular meditation practice. It is a haven for those who need to get away from their everyday lives and relax to refuel. Join us for a Buddhist Pindabat and a cleansing of the aura with holy water as we pilgrimage to a stunning meditation temple and spend the night there. Study the fundamentals of Samatha and Anapana meditation and the use of singing bowls in this introductory course.

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6-Day Wellness, Meditation and Yoga Retreat with Access to Spa Wet Facilities

Wiang Chai, Chiang Rai

Improve your health and happiness with a yoga retreat at the exclusive Museflower Retreat and Spa. Chiang Rai is a beautiful place to unwind and reconnect with nature. Practices like yoga and meditation can help you maintain your sense of calm and composure daily. After training, relax with a relaxing spa treatment and catch up on some shut-eye in one of the quaint cottages overlooking the lake or garden. In addition, you'll be fed organic vegetarian meals prepared with produce grown right there at the retreat.


The cottages at Museflower are nestled in a garden next to a tranquil lake, and the rooms look out into the lake. Rooms are clean and cozy and can accommodate up to 36 people. A covered terrace is available for visitors of the triple, superior, and deluxe rooms. Each room features a solar-powered hot shower, a wall fan, mosquito nets over the windows, and a closet with space to hang clothes.
Each room also provides free ozonized water, a hot water kettle, herbal tea, shampoo, and shower gel:

  • A hairdryer
  • A plug-in mosquito repeller
  • A flashlight among the electronic comforts



Museflower Retreat & Spa's eco-facilities were designed to be a haven for anyone seeking harmony with themselves and their environment and a hub for the local creative community. Museflower Spa and Soul Food Corner are only two of the eco-facilities that can be reserved by anyone, not just retreat, attendees.

All are welcome to dine together as a family at Soul Food Corner, the communal dining room. Large windows provide a scenic view of the lake in this open and airy social gathering spot, where guests can choose to sit with the group at one of the many large tables or to enjoy the casual ambiance on their own at one of the many smaller tables. In addition to the three excellent lacto-ovo vegetarian meals served here each day, this is also where one can feed one's spirit through play, reading, and viewing well-curated films.

The Soul Food Corner living room is like a living room at home, except here you can read whatever you want (a library full of books), and hang out with family, new friends, and friends you made during your stay here. Cherish your time together and enjoy group activities like board games or movies.

A solar water heating system keeps the Himalayan crystal salt water swimming pool warm under a cover. The pool is ozonized, chlorine-free, and 2.40 meters deep, making it a genuine "swimming" workout pool rather than a shallow wading pool. In addition, Himalayan crystal salt water has cleansing properties that balance the pH and helps preserve the skin's natural protective barrier.

Next to the pool is a refreshment area serving complimentary water and tea where you can relax.

Located above the pool is a fitness studio. It is air-conditioned with gorgeous views of the garden.

Also upstairs from the swimming pool is a creative studio where you can unleash your imagination by drawing, painting, creating mandalas or making anything you want.

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