Patong district, Phuket Province to launch the 'Oh Lun Laah PATONG Festival 2020'

7 Jul 2022

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Between November 1 and eight, Patong district at Phuket Province will launch the 'Oh Lun Laah PATONG Festival 2020' to welcome Thai tourists.

The expected income from the festival is 100 million baht.
The COVID-19 pandemic strongly affected the economy in Phuket Province, which is based mostly on foreign tourism.
As foreigners cannot enter Thailand to travel, there is a necessity to focus on the Thai domestic tourism market.

This event will start from November 1 and will be the beginning of the domestic tourism season in Phuket to stimulate Thai tourists' travel, especially Thai people in Patong.

The festival is organized by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) and The Trade Association Promoting The Organization Of International Exhibitions Festivals Asian (TIEFA).