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Immigration clears that all visas will be counted from Sep 27 to encourage early submission

22 Sep 2020

The date of authorization for all forms of visas will start counting from September 27, 2020, whether you get it a day or a week before that day.

To prevent overcrowding as the September 26 deadline passes, the Immigration Bureau has advised foreigners to extend their visas as early as possible before the visa amnesty period will end.

Commissioner Sompong Chingduang said the holders of short- and long-term visas would contact immigration offices to renew their visas, which will be valid from September 27 onwards.

The commissioner noted that by September 26, all short-term holders should leave the country.

Foreigners that can not leave have to get approval from their embassy or consulate to be sent to a local immigration agency, either because of flight unavailability or the current COVID-19 pandemic.

You will find more detail at www.immigration.go.th.

The permission date of all visa types will start counting from September 27,2020 The Immigration Bureau has urged...

Posted by PR Thai Government on Monday, 21 September 2020