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Another long weekend may be coming soon to generate tourism revenue

16 Sep 2020

Another long weekend may well be coming up soon. So much revenue was brought in earlier this month from the recent four day holiday weekend that some government officials think that another couple of days off could help give another shot in the arm to the slumped economy. 

The Tourism Authority of Thailand states that the four day weekend earlier this month (a Songkran replacement) had circulated some 8.8 billion baht in revenue. They say they have met their weekend revenue goal. September 4 and 7 were scheduled to replace Songkran as public holidays after the annual Thai New Year celebrations were cancelled in April due to lockdown measures. 

Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam says the cabinet talked about another vacation, most likely another 4 day long weekend, and the idea was passed on to PM Prayut Chan-o-cha. Wissanu says there might be a long weekend scheduled for November, as there are no public holidays scheduled during that month. 

"The idea is to take a break for people and to travel." 

For the long weekend other parties will need to be on board.

The Bangkok Post says the Ministry of Tourism and Sports needs to make the recommendation for another long weekend. It also needs police to help with traffic. Earlier this month, there were 405 road incidents over the long weekend. Police report that in road incidents 59 people were killed, and 365 people were injured.

Source Thaiger